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As David Ogilvy once said, “We sell, or else.” But we try to sell with style. Killer poet copy sees writing as a means to an end (making a sale), and the ad as an end in itself (beautiful design and moving story). It’s a known fact — third-party endorsements can help you sell products.In other words, the killer poet combines style with selling. But it’s equally effective to position your selling argument as a direct communication between the company founder and his or her customer.It’s a straightforward approach that tries to identify with the reader: Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a polished copywriter to create effective conversational copy.

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The most basic approach to writing effective copy is to simply introduce the product without gimmick or style. People who’ve suffered challenges we can relate to, and can tell us how they overcame those challenges.

It’s a simple presentation of the facts and benefits. And the moral of the story, coincidentally, is that your product was the catalyst to overcoming those odds.

You might find this storytelling technique in an email series, a landing page, or a short video.

Whatever the format, you’ll get four basic traits in the story: Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic.

As an advertiser, you can ask your target audience to imagine a painless way to lose weight, or what it would feel like to be a successful travel writer.

Imaginative copy typically begins with words like “imagine,” “close your eyes,” “pretend for a moment,” “discover,” or “picture this” in the first paragraph of the text.But when you’re following the basic rules of content marketing that works, remember that you don’t have to present all the facts and benefits up front.You can leak the presentation over a period of weeks through an email autoresponder (like our Internet Marketing for Smart People course), or a registration-based content library (like the Scribe Content Marketing library).If you get in front of the reader, you’ve got to lay it all out on the table. Page after page of facts and benefits are presented because the proposition isn’t — typical prospects are going to be asking a lot of questions.Better to anticipate those questions, and answer them in the copy. It’s an art because it requires creativity, a sense of beauty and style — a certain aptitude, mastery and special knowledge.Artistic advertising allows you to create content marketing that’s not just practical and persuasive, but awe-inspiring and breathtaking.When selling a car, you might point out the endless repairs that need to be done — thin brake pads, leaky transmission, busted sway bar, and inoperable dashboard — before you introduce the leather seats, Monsoon stereo system, sun roof, brand-new tires and supercharged engine.What you’re saying is this car will need a lot of TLC.Writing effective copy is also a science, because it exists in the world of tests, trial and failure, improvement, breakthroughs, education and predictability.Scientific advertising allows you to develop an idea, and then test that idea.


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