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Moennig has played the role of Lena in the Showtime series Ray Donovan since 2013.Moennig's first major role was in the television series Young Americans, playing Jake Pratt.Imagine love is a little monster that follows you and your loved one everywhere you go.

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I guess this movie is a specialized taste, given the discrepancy between my review and the average rating, but I thought it was freaking hysterical, with the advantage of being substantially original.

Ever the optimist, I watch (or at least start to watch) a lot of so-called comedies and, believe me, most of what's called comedy is basically "story that couldn't find a better genre".

Camila Grey brings with her a strong musical background.

Educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she studied Jazz and majored in Music Business, Grey has gone on to work and tour with the likes of Adam Lambert, Dr.

It's the harder, and more rarely successful, comedy of the absurd --- a ridiculous situation, where everyone behaves just slightly off-kilter.

Much of that sort of thing relies on embarrassment, ie excruciating comedy, and while I like my Sasha Baron-Cohen in small doses, I find that hard to watch. The situation is (and remains) hysterical because our heroine has such ridiculous reactions to everything, starting with her utter lack of concern at coming home to her dead boyfriend.

Philadelphia's DA just issued the most revolutionary guiding document ever written from someone working INSIDE of America's justice system. It represents the single biggest policy shift in criminal justice history. A man hits a very large, slow-moving, peaceful creature at close range with a high-powered rifle to help him feel like more of a man.

Legal, endangered, threatened, or none of the above, it's still wrong and barbaric. King said that change “comes through continuous struggle.” As we celebrate his legacy today, we’re once again living through a battle for the soul of this nation.

She's utterly self-centered and uninterested in anything that's not to her immediate benefit or interest --- but she's Heather Graham and so, not just pretty but sweet and innocent looking, that you can't really believe her narcissism.

She's a slacker and a moocher --- but she does have some real talents.


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