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I am the Director of Human Resources for a large, downtown, busy convention hotel.My duties include employment, training, benefits and team member relations.I am coming up on 4 ½ years in the National Guard with no deployments yet but my unit is preparing to deploy in August 2014.

I use many of my skills but if I had to pick one it would be my selfless service. I advise fellow Guardman, Reservist, Veterans and military spouses to maintain your military values at all times and your work ethic will speak volumes.

I also serve as liaison between local, state and federal agencies to included DHS among others. It was a major part of my duties as an active duty Marine.

I cannot leave out the discipline and integrity aspect of my job.

I am now responsible for the overall safety and security of the Hilton Condado Plaza. I make sure that everyone is aware of safety policies, procedures and action to take in an emergency situation.

I, along with the management team, make sure to provide practice drills constantly to our team members.


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