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You can also integrate it into your own applications for handling rich text input, or in Web applications handle layout for larger sections of static text.In this session, I'll introduce you to what Markdown looks like and how you can easily create it using a number of tools.

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Next, you'll see a live demonstration building a business and data access layer with a SQLite back end using a Code First workflow to declare business entities and rules.

Then, you'll learn the basics of Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) and raw SQL for retrieving and updating entities.

Solidifying VFP Development: This track will appeal to all VFP developers.

Sessions cover either VFP fundamentals, aimed at those newer to VFP, whether moving up from FP2.x or coming to VFP from other languages; VFP best practices, aimed at helping all VFP developers improve; or in-depth looks at aspects of VFP that some developers may not have mastered yet.

This session will walk the participants through the process from A to Z.

We will review how services work, how to install VFP apps as services, and we will create from scratch a VFP app that runs as a service monitoring report requests.I'll also demonstrate a few use cases of how you can use Markdown in your daily work flow as well as inside of your own applications.We'll look at a number of Markdown use cases like documentation, blog posts, CMS, product catalogs, messages on forums, note taking and help desks and more. Heuer Level: Intermediate, Advanced Python is a powerful open source object-oriented programming language with many features to appeal to Visual Fox Pro programmers looking for a way to extend their applications without being tied to Microsoft . Python has its own version of a “Command Window” where Python expressions can be typed in and immediately evaluated, and Python source code files are directly executable (no compilation step).Presenter: Kevin Mc Neish Level: Intermediate Microsoft's Xamarin technology is finally mature enough to develop real-world apps that run on i OS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10!In this pre-conference session, you first get a high-level overview of the Xamarin technologies that make it possible to write code in C# that can be shared on these three main platforms.I already had a couple Web Connection applications running and have been using it since the early 2000's. I decided to leverage what I knew in order to get our first application up quickly.This session will cover the process of going from a desktop application to a true Saa S (Software as a Service) application. You can code all of the reports or you can use a 3rd party application for reporting. All of our reporting is done with Stonefield Query Enterprise Web.Have you ever given any thought to everything you need for a Saa S application? At the end of this session, you'll leave with a framework for Saa S applications using VFP and Web Connection.All you'll need to do is create the rest of your application pages. Granor Level: Intermediate, Advanced Users today expect to be able to interact with applications by dragging and dropping.If you want to take one or more of your existing applications to the cloud, what are your options? I needed to get our application in the cloud as quickly as I could for the lowest cost.That is why I chose to go with VFP and West Wind Web Connection.


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