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You can disable these from here, but you’ll have to uninstall them from the Control Panel if you want to remove them from your system.To display Active X controls that you’ve downloaded via the browser, select Downloaded controls in the Show box.

The course notes say that DAO is for Access 97 to 2003, while ADO is for 2000 to 2007. At that point, there isn't much more about this particular detail.IT Pros can learn more about planning Active X settings in the Plan security settings for Active X controls for Office 2010 Tech Net article.When you open a file that has Active X controls, the yellow Message Bar appears with a shield icon and the Enable Content button.For example, while Oracle is a trustworthy corporation that isn’t out to infect your computer (unless you count the Ask Toolbar they slip into updates), the Java Active X control has security vulnerabilities and could be used to infect your computer.The more Active X controls you install, the more websites can take advantage of their problems to damage your computer.Active X controls only function in Internet Explorer.A website that requires an Active X control is an Internet Explorer-only website.Even if there was, that course was taken some time ago, and I'm not sure if it would applyt to my current use of Office 2010 in a 64-bit Windows 7 environment.I attached a subset of the list of choices when I go to Tools-References from the Excel VBA editor.Examples include customized applications for collecting data, viewing certain kinds of files, and displaying animation.Common uses of Active X controls are command buttons, list boxes, and dialog boxes.


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