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One owner had the misfortune to suffer a blown turbo on his 1.4 D-4D diesel model after 30,000 miles.

And it’s been reported that the 1.0-litre petrol engine occasionally suffers problems pulling from, low revs.

In 1917 the Orsett Union workhouse, built in 1837, became the Orsett Lodge Hospital after the Essex Vagrancy Committee ordered that only sick paupers be admitted.

The Hospital had an administrative block with a cruciform layout to the rear.

But to think in those terms is to miss the point of the Hybrid Yaris.

The Synergy Drive system’s cleverness lies in the way that on the move, it’s always re-charging itself, even more so if you leave the auto gearbox lever in ‘B’ to maximise the energy that can be harvested from regenerative braking.The resulting sharper-looking MK3 design claimed to offer everything the trendiest small car seeker could want, from Google mapping to hybrid power.At the same time, aware that traditional older buyers might not want to Facebook their friends on the way to eat designer sushi, Toyota also prioritised their needs in making this car feel plusher, quieter and better built. This remained one of the largest, most practical choices buyers of the time could make in the supermini segment and a range of engine updates also made it one of the more efficient options too.In November 1944 the Hospital reopened for civilian patients, when some 91 elderly people returned.Another 97 returned in March 1945 (50 of whom were originally from other hospitals).The idea was to broaden this model’s appeal, seek a younger audience and convince buyers that when it comes to comfort, quality and a little bit of spirit in this sector, the Yaris could fit the bill. The History These days, a supermini must be more than sensible, practical, well-built and efficient.Buyers now take those sorts of things for granted and look instead for fashion, flair, innovation and technology.It’s driven by a Hybrid Synergy Drive system serviced by a 73bhp 1.5-litre petrol/electric powerplant and a bespoke version of the CVT auto gearbox.A selectable ‘EV’ electric-only setting is part of the package, but even with the batteries fully charged, it’ll only take you just over a mile in milk float mode.Back in 2014, Toyota hoped they’d be looking for something like this, the much improved version of their third generation Yaris.The original version of this model launched in 2011 was a good car, but there simply weren’t enough reasons to buy mainstream versions when rivals offered more striking looks, more engaging design and a more dynamic driving experience.


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