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" I awoke on Monday morning to find my mom shaking me. Automatically, I rolled in bed and peeked with one eye to my clock, noting the hour. You know-" "No, no," I interrupted and wiped away the tear. After a minute or two I realized that Brooke was gently stroking my back. The plan is to get back together then." Brooke blinked rapidly. Almost shivering, I managed to croak, "That's what I'm afraid of." After a few more minutes of Brooke talking me down, I managed to pull things together enough to get us to school.

" Groaning, I managed to pry my eyelids open, feeling the tug of my eye boogers trying to weld them shut. I folded my arms over the top of the steering wheel and put my head down, unable to stop myself from shaking and sobbing like a little baby. I mean, no, I didn't cheat or go behind her back or do anything like that. "So we decided to take a break for the rest of the year and then see how things are going next summer. " My jaw started quivering and my tear ducts threatened to start pouring once again.

For the past two nights I'd gotten to hold her, fall asleep with her fragrance in my nostrils. And then slowly picking myself up and out of bed, I got ready for school. My little sister blushed beet red, a naughty little smile on her face. " "Yeah..." Brooke sighed happily, practically melting into her seat. "I'm happy for you." A sudden wave of emotion seized me, and I sniffled and started fighting back the next set of tears that started rolling down my cheek. One relationship dies, and another springs up somewhere else. " "Yeah," I sighed and gritted my teeth, willing myself not to start crying again. I moaned in mixed sadness and relief and clutched Adrienne tightly. "Or maybe you'd like to pick up right where we left off?

You just make damn sure he respects you more than Perry did, understand? " I winced and shook so hard that Brooke shrieked when I suddenly jerked the wheel and pulled over to the curb, concentrating just long enough to put the car in park and turn on the flashers before breaking down in terrible, wracking sobs. She was miserable without me and craving some attention. Spending this much time apart has been really hard." "Oh," Brooke said quietly and digested that.

And while I hadn't gone so far as to have sex with her, she'd blown me to orgasm and then I'd eaten her out to two of her own before sending her away. "Look, I'd rather this didn't get spread around." "Okay." I took a deep breath, looked Adrienne in the eye, and informed her, "Dawn and I decided to take a break. At first I was afraid Adrienne would see my breakup with Dawn as a chance to re- start a relationship with me.

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The prospect of sex did excite me, but the whole memory reminded me of how I'd been saving myself for Dawn. The long-distance thing was just too hard." [gasp] [gasp] The whoosh of air from off to my left caught my attention and I quickly turned to see Maddie Chung and Nadine Butler quickly walking away from us, whispering excitedly. But somewhat unexpectedly, she didn't make any moves and instead actually toned down her flirting with me. At lunch, she kept her mouth shut when my other friends asked why I was in a funky mood. It means you're finally thinking of me as a real friend." "I do," I said earnestly.I explained about how Dawn was getting a lot of male attention and there was a really good guy pursuing her. However, word of my breakup with Dawn HAD gotten out amongst my classmates. Girl Two gave her a blank look and Girl One exclaimed in a whispered, excited voice, "Ben --!And I talked about giving Dawn the chance to explore a real relationship with someone other than me. Some of the details were private, things that Adrienne didn't really need to know. One time, I was coming out of the bathroom when I overheard two Senior-class girls chatting next to a trash can. " The sound of my name got my attention and I turned my head sharply, arching one eyebrow. Girl One, oblivious to my presence kept chattering, "He broke up with his girlfriend from San Francisco or something and he's available again!Before, I'd explained our background and history and even told her that we'd agreed to an open relationship. And I had to admit, their point of view and relaxed attitude about the situation encouraged me that things would be alright in the end. She said it was probably for the best that we both stretch our wings a bit before settling down.But now I vented to Adrienne about the long-distance loneliness and the lack of a constant physical presence. Her eyes popped open in wonder and I watched her cheeks rising upwards as the smile became a full-blown grin. Buoyed by my family's encouragement, Tuesday I was a little less depressed, although still not yet at my usual level of sociability.is a Adult Live Chat website offering a wide range of services to help you connect and have fun meeting new people and enjoying dirty phone talk.We offer no limits phone sex for all adults 18 years or older.And after a herky-jerky start, I started to spill to Adrienne. They instantly dismissed the whole breakup thing as 'typical' since in their minds, Dawn and I broke up and got back together EVERY summer as it was.She already knew about some of my relationship issues with Dawn. According to the twins, we'd been dating off and on since we were age. Dawn had told her mom who of course told my mom, who then told my dad. But Mom was pragmatic about it all, saying that we WERE only seventeen and that it wasn't like Dawn and I wouldn't be friends forever.We have NO Rules on what consenting adults can discuss and all calls are 100% confidential, private and anonymous.Be sure to check out our Performer Board and read the latest posts from our members.


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