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The clitoris matures to have a high concentration of nerve endings in a small piece of flesh.Given this, even if the clitoris is only minimally or accidentally injured, scar tissue develops and it can affect the ability of the woman to experience pleasure normally.broke the public silence on FGM, opening a contentious debate.

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What exactly is nicked and how deep the nick is is left to the untrained "Osthi mami" to decide.

Blood is drawn and sometimes ash is sprinkled on the wound.

Women who have experienced FGM strongly fear retaliation for speaking out.

There is a lack of freedom to discuss, question and explore alternative views within practicing communities.

The name Ceylon is likely to remain in common use in the tea industry, where it is recognized in the international market for its quality.

For decades, female genital mutilation (FGM) has been practiced in Sri Lanka.Ceylon is a transliteration of Ceilao made by the British when they took over control of the island in 1815.The government did not announce a date for the name change.This means there are also sections of the communities abandoning the practice, with some reporting that FGM is diminishing with each generation and could possibly die out.Some women are opting to not get it done to their daughters or The form and conditions under which the genital cutting happens are varied.Proponents of FGM claim the WHO has not studied local practices, arguing that the local form of the practice somehow does not cause harm and, on the contrary, is beneficial - an argument for which no medical evidence has been presented.It is hard to deny that the "local practice" involves interfering with the genitalia of a child who is unable to give informed consent.Moor and Malay women speak of a practice done at 40 days after birth by an "Osthi mami", a medically untrained woman who carries out the "ritual".Shaving blades are used and there is no mention of sterilisation.Their insistence on the cultural practice is an attempt to trump the voices of women saying they have been hurt and don't want it done to any other child.There are also women who say the cutting has not affected them.


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