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Women who attempt to achieve this body type (but lack the genetic material to do so) are setting themselves up for years and years of yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations, disordered eating, and depression.

Similarly, the body ideal projected to boys and men in most muscle magazines and cartoon action figure heroes is impossible to achieve without illegal anabolic steroids.

(only 76% of what is considered a healthy weight for her height).

Her measurements would be 39-18-33, and she would not menstruate due to inadequate levels of fat on her body.

As a result, we often unfairly judge others and label them based on their weight and size alone.

We feel great anxiety and pressure to achieve and/or maintain a very lean physique.

And the media’s portrayal of what is “normal” keeps getting thinner and thinner for women and more muscular and ripped for men.

Twenty-five years ago, the average female model weighed 8% less than the average American woman. With these media images and body ideals, it’s little wonder that women and men feel inadequate, ashamed, and dissatisfied with how they look.

Some of these factors (such as your calorie intake and level of physical activity) can be manipulated.

But other factors (such as your body type, bone structure, the way you store fat, and other genetic variables) cannot be manipulated.


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