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Along with the adobo, I’m given a mug of piping hot chicken broth, reminding me of my favorite place for birria tacos in Mexico, which comes with a cup of the broth the meat is cooked in.

By the end of my meal, I’m so full that I have a hard time shuffling out the door before they close.

I ask him if they are still open, and he cracks a smile, “Sure, sure.” A middle-aged woman adding up receipts in the corner, who I assume by her queen bee bearing, is Baby, chimes in, “We close in half an hour!

” Maybe it’s because I came in when they’re about to close, but I can’t remember a time I was given so many things on the house at a restaurant.

The old guy hands me foil-wrapped treasures across the counter: that are sweet and seem like they’d be great for breakfast, and sweet rice cakes made with purple yams known as ube.

I’m stuffed before I even have a chance to dive into my main course of savory chicken adobo over rice.but people in the Philippines have been combining elements of Asian, Pacific, and Western ingredients and techniques long before Alice Waters and food cart vendors were concocting combinations of cuisines from around the world.The Filipino national cuisine is as unique and diverse as the country itself.” (white boy), I decide to bring along a Filipina friend of mine, Pauline, to help me out on my first stop.The sweetness comes from a 7-Up marinade, a brilliant idea that begs the question why it hadn’t caught on in other cuisines.The sisig, chopped beef marinated in a spicy vinegar sauce, is fantastic, with just the right amount of heat and sourness to balance the sweetness of the chicken.The smell of stewed meats and slow-cooked sauces piques my appetite.Pauline is as excited as I am because she’s passionate about Filipino food.“It’s a hidden treasure,” she says beaming, “Our food is inspired by all of the people that came into our country: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, American — its like a big buffet of everything!” As we sidle up to the counter and gaze at the variety of dishes, the influences become apparent. This dish features fall-off-the bone tender oxtail simmered in a rich peanut curry sauce.This morning, we got the sad news that two demonstrators have been killed, we fear more as tension is on the rise.– European leaders should engage in what happens in Kiev and intensify efforts to support the protesters’ demand for human rights, Secretary General Bjørn Engesland says.


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