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If you apply and turn up to sit your test and you are not eligible then you will lose your fee and have to re apply.

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If you look at your learner permit you will see the code 991 on the restriction column and then also the date that the permit was issued for your particular licence category - You need to add 6 months to this date of issue.

This is particularly important if you have added a licence category to your permit as it is the date the category was added that is relevant not the date that your permit was issued.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked your permit details and that you are eligible to sit the test.

That means if your passport has less than six months remaining until the expiration date, you should renew it right away! Some countries are more relaxed about the 6-month passport validity rule.

Canada and Mexico are the two most commonly traveled countries that now enforce the passport six-month validity rule. The six-month validity passport rule is a requirement of other countries accepting foreign travelers.


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