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The United States era of shuffling slowly came to an end.Originally consisting of the "T-Step" combined with arm movements, during the 1990s the "Running Man" has been adopted into the dance, accentuating the new focus of keeping time with the beat.

The United States era of shuffling slowly came to an end.

"Hardstyle" is an umbrella term for many different rave dances globally, as well as a genre of electronic music.

Hardstyle is a rave dance, while most other styles were typically performed in clubs and dance parties.

As more people have practiced the dance, the dance itself has changed from the majority of hand movements over feet movements, to present day, where it is mostly based on keeping in time with bass beats.

In early to mid-2009 the popularity of the Melbourne Shuffle on You Tube began to calm, but not die, bringing on a new age of shufflers.

The term "Melbourne Shuffle" was recorded in the media when Sonic Animation's Rupert Keiller was interviewed by Rage, an all-night Australian music TV show.

The interviewer asked Rupert what his unique style of dance was and the reply was "the Melbourne Shuffle".

By 2005, the Melbourne Shuffle had helped to change the sound of hardstyle and hard trance music, with DJs and producers aiming at a constant 140-160bpm speed.

By 2006, early hardstyle was largely replaced by nustyle and epic trance -influenced hard trance music at popular shuffling clubs and raves.

The Melbourne Shuffle, like the T-step requires stamina and a momentum.

Repetitive, fast, powerful movements of the feet and quick switches define a good shuffle.


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