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So we eather send a message at the ballot box, we organize some impeachments, or we continue to watch the decline of our "cival", civilization from as bad as it is to a state that we will think of now as the good old days an look upon aforementioned judges as a lessor evil..I have a friend whom is experiencing this exact same problem. These are those who in history have been banned fom multiple countries for once they implant themselves in the government they try to throw it over.Or the prosecutor who circular filed that report instead of prosecuting the case.

And Psychiatrists proved she was not crazy, Doctors, Advocacy Centers, psychiatrists all said girls were molested. One public and one private amongst their fraternity members whom is their main social relations as they can no longer relate to normal law abiding individuals because of their disturbed lifestyle if discovered would cause imprisonment or public retalliation for their acts. And they get a slap charge, whereas your rap sheet, is half a mile long...

And JUDGE HIGGINS give the girls to the perverted father and son?? Known as DEAs largest drug cartel allied with Zeta Mexican drug cartel whom they invented, trained, placed in mexican gov agencies and arms to this day as enforcers for the masonic cartel. But they know you're a lost cause I just think it's humorous how salty everyone is.

So why did this man just get weekends and probation?

Is it because his mom best friend works at the court house something else I don't know but I would like to.

Being involved with the Lapeer co courts for ten years on several cases and having personal knowledge of how judge Connley, judge Higgens, and judge Scott, they all have God complexes and do whatever they want from the bench.

And after getting away with it for so long and with little if now fear of any reprisal from an overseeing authority, they have collectively destroyed many innocent lives in their jurisdiction.

After a long search for a quality day care center, Jason and Rebecca Vannest had been sending their son to Rainbow Child Care Center in Davison, MI, for more than a year.

That is, until this past June, when a worker at the facility reached out to the parents with a shocking photo.

When will people like this be taken off the streets and what can be done to get this man off the street?

So when he ends up killing his wife I guess her blood will be on that judges hands.


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