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I mean , I m a black dude with far better spelling ,punctuation and grammer than all you white folks on this site and I have the courtesy to refrain from hurling insults at you even though you know you deserve it .smart white guy: Is nigger really a bad word?

It's about extremist Muslims who reject all reason and sometimes even send their OWN CHILDREN to death over IDEAS they deem offensive.

The Qu'ran directs Muslims to PEACE with "people of the Book."Terrorist Lolicon: and there are the excluded, who don't adapt to the cynicism and hypocrisy, and, unfortunately, tend to follow tortuous paths, becoming criminals, addicts, offenders and all other behaviors that are HYPOCRITICALLY condemned by most people.If Islam did take over the World we would instantly return to the dark ages of the seventh century. Humanity's learned too much to give up modernity in favor of a STUPID religion like Islam. The richest Muslim countries like, Saudi Arabia, have some technology only because they have oil money to buy it. the only thing worse than a pedo IS ONE IN THE CLOSET. That is the real world that normal, healthy people live in. Not that there's anything wrong with a non-virgin girl anyway. I *SO* hate immature young airheads, they're a moodkiller. Anonymous: you are all turd burglar loosers who should get a life and do something beneficial for society.....either do something good with you lives or kill yourselves and stop clouding the gene pool, you are all the bottom 1%Anonymous: certainly like your web site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.The Muslim world, can't do the science that is required to build a technologically.. Without the oil, they'd still be riding camels and living in Terrorist Lolicon: when you say "education, progress and technology," you should say dehumanization, exploitation and the ability to produce (and sell, of course) weapons that have the ability to destroy the earth 10 times! and she looks like, and about the same age as, Emily Browning. Anonymous: fuck it i see nothing wrong with this - i mean if instead you had a load of guys dancing there would be a load of gay guys fapping to that, so whats the difference - providing nobody is harmed, its just a video get over it Anonymous: the only kind of CP is when the young girls are naked as long as they are clothed its not CP if a little girl dancing was considered child porn then all kids would be strapped to a chair till they were 21the original spoon: It's only our twisted minds that look at this as dirty or in any way near cp. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I will surely come again again. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts. The side stories not including celebrities were mostly based on real events, however. This is a continuation of my first story and it took a lot of time and a lot of procrastinating and a lot of jacking sessions. If there was anything more annoying to me than packing for a couple hours, and going number two, it was sweating. All I need is him throwing his stuff around the room like an idiot when I’m trying to keep everything organized. It gave us the opportunity to be together until classes resumed in the fall and it would also be easier to move her in that way. Obviously they weren’t big Nickelodeon fans, or they would have jumped at the opportunity to house the sexy movie star for a few months. Nevertheless, I had declined every invitation thus far to visit my future inheritance. ” I still couldn’t get the mess of wires untangled. And then he accepted the award for student with the most common sense. The two of us were so tired of each other after one, let alone two years, of being roommates. Standard Disclaimer: You must be 18 to read this story, be able to read erotica in your community, not be offended by the contents of it… This story may NOT be distributed freely, for commercial or non-commercial use. All events including celebrities did NOT actually take place. Any copyrighted © names, works, or whatever are products of their respective owners. We continued packing our stuff in silence before he spoke up in a last effort for some roommate bonding. She was going to Sarah Lawrence College in New York in September and we thought it would be good to get her accustomed to the east coast before school. At least I’m pretty sure there are mountain lions there. And he also forgot to put it a little further away from Mexico. We had a lot in common, got along for the most part, all that jazz. I’m looking forward to starting it off by getting yelled at.” It was a tradition for me to get yelled at by my parents at least four times while packing up the minivan for the ride home and during the ride itself. (and for those who do not remember, we just have one Earth! - one of your students looking for you ^^^^^ Run Bubble Run ...... Anyway I'll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.I could so fucking see Chris Hansen interviewing you . you would probably set him on fire and stick the camera up the cameramans ass .......: But we, here at chan4chan could make IT ALL BETTER, JUST STRIP OF THOSE CLOTHES AND YOU COULD WIN, #1 RAPE, #2 ANAL, #3 CUM ON FACE OR #4 A TRIP TO THE PEDO MANSION, where you would get to meet the one and only Pedobear, the choice is yours. Anonymous: "I discovered your weblog site on google and test just a few of your early posts. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader.They buy ALL that they have from the rest of the World. That's because it takes education, technology, and science to make an advanced, modern, progressive culture. 2nd rule of semen swap is that you do not talk about semen swap. though I'm not saying i don't live here, also.: I agree with the original spoon and anon 1840, this is indeed family play, what i do mind is OP (i said this before) posts only pics with kids in them.. If you want to invite the pedo scum, then posting kids is a good way to do it..: In other words ; Stop posting pics with kids turatuc !! They will use anything to get in here and their comments are filled with sick shit, just look at Im Your Mom BIATCH's comments, he's not kidding either...: 0968 has a point: horseriding is known to "ruin" the hymen.Anonymous: ^ Education, technology, and science are all things that Islam is opposed to. p1= how much u like prison, 0=lhate it 10=love it f1=chances of not being found out, 0=none, 10=very likely h=hotness, 0=paper bag 10= i cum in my pants formula is: p1 x f1 x h1.(x a2) if anonymous: i am imagining the two subjects passing a mixture of thier own saliva and someone's semen slowly between each other's mouth. Anonymous: one of the Anons (6848) is a closet pedo! You snitch, you keep objecting to the same subject matter YET YOU KEEP RETURNING TO IT. Not that there's anything wrong with a virgin girl whose hymen is torn.Anonymous: ^you mean, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste, paste?smart black guy: Why does it allways come to racism with these random comments ?


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