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If you are very into someone, it is not unusual to get jealous- even over something that you don’t actually have to get green with envy about.But there is a difference between normal jealousy and jealousy that borders on very possessive behaviors.One thing that is very important to realize is that it is okay if the person you are dating does not feel the same exact way about you when it comes to drug/alcohol use.

Controlling behaviors can mean a number of things, and it can also start out in extremely subtle ways, the person you are with may not even realize that they are controlling.

When the person you are dating starts trying to tell you what to do a little too much, and it starts to wear at your confidence or how you feel about yourself that is a problem.

I am not saying that they will do that to you- but there is always a chance if they have that behavior in them.

It is important to not completely have 100% trust in the person- they may wind up disappointing you.

It is a tell-tale sign that they will treat you the same later on.

I firmly believe that it is possible to meet someone that you will be with for a very long time- or that they may even be “the one” soon after getting out of a relationship.It is important to heal from your breakup, and the person you are dating needs to do the same.Don’t get me wrong- jealousy in relationships are completely normal.Even if your date is so kind and courteous to you if they treat the person that is giving you a service badly- then that is a red flag.Especially if this is in the beginning stages of your relationship.It also does mean that the person may have a mean streak in them or a very large ego.It may seem romantic that the person you’re with only has a “soft spot” for you, but it isn’t.But everyone indulges in those behaviors in their own way- and it does not necessarily mean that they are doing it in an unhealthy manner.But if you have seen the person you are dating intoxicated more than you have sober- then that can be a problem.Maybe laziness isn’t even the right word for this, but more so a lack of motivation.Whether that be to work, go to school, be healthy, or even just have a somewhat productive day.


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