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The "S" at the end of the title indicates the direction the camera is actually pointing.

This is a general compass direction, you will only see N, S, E or W.

Example of activities these systems facilitate include management and oversight of underutilized and vacant properties, producing the multi-year disposal and reuse Plans, and implementation of the “Freeze the Footprint” (FTF) policy requirements.

The three primary systems supported by this service include: Capital Asset Management System-Business Intelligence (CAMS-BI), Capital Asset Inventory (CAI) system, and SCIP Automation Tool (SAT).

Collaboration with other OAEM Services is critical in the areas of (1) real property capital budget creation and execution, (2) capturing capital investment planning data and providing analysis of service gaps to improve rationale and justification for infrastructure improvements impacting VA services offered to Veterans, (3) Enhanced-Use leasing and post -transaction oversight requirements, and (4) long-term Enhanced-Use leasing and Green Program records management and automated storage.

This service also processes requests for lease accounting classification codes (AC codes) and revenue and non-revenue source codes in coordination with the Financial Management System (FMS). In 2003-2004 the CAMS (Service) had the lead in development, implementation and management of the Capital Asset Management (CAM) system to track assets through their life cycle and manage them to defined portfolio performance goals.

The CAI database also houses the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) data, agreement information, and historical asset information for the portfolio. With the implementation of the Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP) process in 2010, the CAMS (Service) implemented a new web-based system - the SCIP Automation Tool (SAT) which has replaced the original CAM system.

SCIP SAT merges all elements of the capital investment management lifecycle into a single, cohesive system to include seamless integration between investment phases, replacing various tools and manual processes.

Our surveillance cameras have built in titling that show up as characters at the top of the picture.

These titles change depending on which way we choose to have the camera pointing.


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