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rajat: ykalpana: it is so thickrajat: okkkrajat: so aunrty can u take iasily in ur both holesrajat: bolo na auntykalpana: yes but i dont take in the other holerajat: okkkkkalpana: it pains a lotrajat: okkrajat: is my penis eough for ur holeskalpana: whatrajat: is my penis enough to satisfy ukalpana: is it okrajat: okkrajat: n ho abt ur cousinkalpana: i can tak with painrajat: abt her holes…mine enough n cn she take easily in her both holeskalpana: oh she is youngrajat: so …kalpana: she has a beautiful figurerajat: okkkkrajat: so cn she take mine in her both holeskalpana: she does not like taking about sexrajat: okkrajat: bt wat u thinkrajat: cn she take mine in her both holeskalpana: i dont know, i think urs is too big for hererajat: okkkrajat: for her choot?

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rajat: how deep is thatkalpana: you wont get hurtrajat: okkkkkrajat: ok take it inside….n wat i hv to do after thisrajat: going inkalpana: you wil feel really goodrajat: mmmm……ahhhhhh,,,,ohhhh yeahhhh….hole is bit tight or mine is bit big aunty….rajat: y nt going smoothly just shake you body back and frontrajat: okkkkkkrajat: wont it hurt ukalpana: jst push it hardrajat: okkkkkkkkrajat: can u take my penis easily in ur hole auntykalpana: ooouuhchrajat: aghhhhhh..myyyy…mmmm…its heaven….ahhhhhh……..rajat: kya hua aunty.y ouch kalpana: its pain a bitrajat: y aunty…..rajat: is hole small or mine bigkalpana: oooohhhrajat: kkkkkaaa…..ahhhhhhh…u feel my penis is thick aunty…it really thick or just said to please me….rajat: cn u feel my thick ness nowkalpana: yours is bigrajat: thnks,…..rajat: enough for ur sacred hole nakalpana: yesrajat: aunty who is that young gal in that roomrajat: wats thsi is called aunty wat we r doing now…me in ur hole n back n fro…..????

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