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He is surrounded by Melbourne's prettiest women, glitziest bars, loveliest restaurants (including my favourite, Becco) and he has a well paid job.The filmmakers say they were attracted to the idea of a generation in their late 20s who moved freely in the world of plenty but often felt empty.There's an instant spark between the two of them, but it's up to Ben to make the next move. The best part is that all the humour is deadly serious and played totally straight.

He is surrounded by Melbourne's prettiest women, glitziest bars, loveliest restaurants (including my favourite, Becco) and he has a well paid job.

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A well paid job, friends, parties, girls and nothing to tie him down.

But when he is invited back to his old school to join several other ex-students including Alex (Rachael Taylor) in talking about their personal achievements, Ben is the only speaker not to be asked a question by the school kids.

If they're right, they've tuned in to a social mood with sharp eyes, thanks to the writers and the young team around them who provided input.

The jaunty pace and the bravura style at the beginning of the film ushers in a mood of much motion - with promise of action endlessly delayed, teasing us.

Henshall makes a big leap from murderer Bunting in Snowtown to the affable, insecure Nick; Ward is great as the straight-shooter Em, and Clark is a nice presence as the well-meaning, but rather insensitive Andy.

It is undoubtedly however, the star quality of Lawson and Taylor that gives the film its pulse. Melbourne has never looked more stylish through cinematographer Stefan Duscio's lens, depicting the cityscape, the night life, the ambience and the lifestyle.Meanwhile, Ben keeps putting off the chance to see or communicate with Alex who pops back and forth from Yemen, where she is a charity worker, and doesn't realise the answer lies within himself.Review by Louise Keller: At last, an Australian film that's as sophisticated and slick as its cities, yet down to earth and in touch with our sardonic sense of humour.The latest movie from Working Dog, the makers of The Castle and The Dish, is a movie about the meaning of life.But don't worry; there is nothing pretentious about it. Sitch, together with screenwriters Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner have concocted a keenly observed, highly entertaining and funny script that nails the essence of life in the city for one successful, well paid advertising executive who is struggling to enjoy the ride.Ben (Josh Lawson) takes an awful long time - well, nearly two hours - to learn this simple message as he busies himself moving - but not acting.He is restless and moves flats and jobs almost as often as he changes underwear (we don't know this, I am using poetic licence). Samson and Delilah are two aboriginal kids living in a rundown settlement in the outback in a kind of destitution which, in Australia, can only be … SYNOPSIS: For 27-year-old Ben (Josh Lawson), life is great.First published in the Sun Herald Review by Andrew L.Urban: The film signals its message early, with an opening card quoting Ernest Hemingway's alert, never to confuse motion with action.


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