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You may fax your scores directly to the University at (65) 6778 7570. The score reports must reach the NUS Office of Admissions by your application closing date, failing which your application will be deemed incomplete and withdrawn from consideration.Wellesley's Decision Plans: Which plan is best for you?Applicants applying for admission to Law may take any subject combination for the SAT Subject Tests.

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Examples of such achievements include International Science Olympiad medals, top national awards, national team sportsmen and exceptional rank in top university entrance examinations (e.g. Participation in activities and achievements at intra school, house or class level (e.g.The score reports must reach the NUS Office of Admissions by your application closing date, failing which your application will be deemed incomplete and withdrawn from consideration.The redesigned SAT (offered from 1 March 2016) consists of 2 sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics), while the SAT (offered up to ) consists of 3 Sections (Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics).^You are required to submit your latest high school results, an explanation of your high school grading system as well as either ACT with Writing or SAT, together with SAT Subject Tests by the application closing date.Applicants may submit ACT with Writing in lieu of SAT.All sections of the SAT have to be taken in one sitting. The Mathematics Level 2 subject is compulsory while the two other subjects may be of your choice.Combination of scores from different sittings is not accepted The minimum acceptable test scores are 600 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and 650 for Mathematics. Applicants are required to submit 3 subject tests as follows: For SAT Subject Tests, NUS accepts the score for 3 subjects that are taken within two sittings over 12 months.When applicants arrive in Singapore for enrolment into NUS, they must bring along original copies of their identification, high school results, secondary school results and other material documents which they have earlier submitted in support of their application.For applicants who are required to submit their IELTS, SAT and SAT Subject Tests and/or TOEFL scores, internet printout results of IELTS, SAT and SAT Subject Tests and/or TOEFL scores may first be sent to our office to support your application.An appeal for admission should be submitted only if you have additional information regarding your academic and non-academic achievements that was not presented in your earlier application.You should submit an online appeal from late May to early June 2018 via Online Application Status Facility (OASF).


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