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DSA prefix appears on items beginning FY1962 until FY1977.DLA prefix appears on items beginning FY1978 until FY1993. Addition/correction: SPO: System Program Office DA: Dept of the Army You might also encounter these two when dealing with clothing: DPSC: Defense Personnel Support Center (1965-1997)DSCP: Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (1998-present)Both of these are the same facility, which, prior to 1965, was the Philly QM Depot.

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Further the "00" indicates the item was standardized prior to 1973.

Any "new" item to enter US inventory, after 1973, was given the country code of "01" to indicate it is from the United States and standardized after 1973..the updated ALICE individual equipment belt [standardized in 1982 with plastic buckle] was assigned a new NSN of 8465-01-120-0674.

I've seen items/field gear marked DLA, DSA, NSN, and FSN. If you correctly read the stamp, you will know when your item was manufactured. It was superceeded by the DSA, which stands for Defense Supply Agency. After that, the DLA, the Defense Logistics Agency took over from 1978 to 1993.

I've noticed alot of Vietnam Field Gear is marked DSA. One of the most commonly seen features on United States Military Equipment and Clothing is a DA, DSA, DLA, or SPO Contract Number stamp.

DSA stamped items introduced a systematic dating process:•1962 thru 1964 - Prefix of DSA-1, Suffix of E6Y (Y=Year)•1965 - Prefix of DSA-1, No Dating Suffix•1966 - Prefix of DSA-100, No Dating Suffix•1967 thru 1977 Prefix of DSA-100, Dating Suffix of YYM (YY=Year, M=Month) After the DSA Prefix, and before the Dating Suffix (if applicable), there may appear additional numeric or alphanymeric code(s).

These codes have nothing to do with date of manufacture, but relate either the Defense contract, or a Manufacture's code.

"67" would be FY1967 which ran from 01 July 1966 through 31 June 1967.

Which means the contract could have been awarded anytime during that period.

Fiscal year 1966 will have a DSA 100 prefix and no date code.

Starting in 1967 there will be a DSA 100 prefix plus a two digit date code. S Marine Corps (Bu Sand A symbol, stamped in sleeve)1946 - 195?


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