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If you are a bit leery about pinning what is likely the most important decision in your life—who will be your partner through good times and bad, possibly the parent of your children—on a stranger's inclination to swipe left or right based on a snapshot of you, rest easy.

Just as the social world is hurtling full tilt to force decisions more and more on less and less, so are forces moving in the opposite direction.

No, my desire here is to help you deal with the anxieties because you are in a relationship that lacks full disclosure. The problem is that after she joined college, rumours started doing the rounds that she was having affairs but I ignored them.

Without spending time together and communicating effectively, the intimacy between you will die. However, immediately after she got a job, I noticed a change in her behaviour, which also confirmed the rumours.

There's too much choice and always something better mentality. It's hard to stand out even if you are an attractive and intelligent lady.

I tend to get guys who are way older whom I would have nothing in common with, lets face it they aren't especially attractive either. As I have experienced endless disappointments, messing around, disappearing, guys just wanting sex. It gives a platform for people to play games and disappear easily. We ended up having so much in common, sharing the same views and likes.Dating apps like Grindr and Tinder focus attention on “your scratch-the-itch sexual type,” Page offered, rather than on someone with whom the excitement grows. It’s like looking for prescription glasses at a yard sale.The way you look for love influences what you get."He instructs those searching for love to look first at their own deepest nature, and especially at those features about which they are most sensitive. It’s an act of bravery to declare who you really are—Page is inclined to refer to your unique qualities as your gifts.They don't garner the hoopla that digital devices do, and they don't pretend to turn your desire into a fast game either, but the trend is real nevertheless.The latest bit of evidence is the newly published book Deeper Dating by New York psychotherapist Ken Page, a PT blogger and wise informant on relationships and the search for love.PHOTO | FILE Your story has several issues that need resolution.Although there is no relationship without issues, certain issues need to go away as the relationship matures. The issue here is not that he forgot, but rather, how much the two of you have grown. Agreement on where the relationship is headed is a key issue. You could end up grappling in the dark and be a very disappointed woman.Page argues that the ways our contemporary culture instructs us to find love—looks and gimmicks and games on digital devices or games of playing hard to get or acting confident—are really paths to loneliness.They attract the wrong people, keep us mired in disappointment and/or rejection, and intensify insecurities.I suggest that you be careful and decide not to walk in the dark. Don’t waste your time in a relationship that is not satisfying you. I married my wife when she was 19 and I was in college. I downloaded her M-Pesa statement and could not believe my eyes. A marriage with four children has quiet some history to it.When I confronted her, she said men had been sending her money to entice her but I didn’t believe her. It is understandable that you are worried about your children, given the direction your marriage is taking.


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