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When I found out the message was actually ripped from a pickup artist's website, that didn't shock me either.After all, I regularly receive online dating messages like this: Though I haven't seen that one on pickup artist forums, I have a feeling it's a classic example of "negging"—the pickup artist technique of saying something unkind about a woman so that she'll seek validation from you.

Sometimes, you actually get harassed for just not being interested.

Erin (whose last name is being withheld), 26, provided us with some of the messages she's received while using dating apps in Manhattan.

A new study finds that 76% of women under 30 experience some form of abuse or harassment online, and one in four women under 30 have received general threats of physical violence.

The internet gives men the chance to be completely anonymous and allows them to “assert their masculinity as far as they want without any consequence," sexual health educator Hannah Rimm tells .

The truth is, telling a perfect stranger "I can even make you squirt" is sexual harassment, whether it's said online or in person.

Dating apps have made this kind of harassment so commonplace that we barely notice it—and not just because of the apps' anonymity.

"We live in a world that is literally made for cis[gender] men, so without even knowing it, men feel completely entitled to everything in it, including women."Of course, a lot of men use the internet without harassing anyone, but the point is that there are bad men who are using these outlets at the expense of women.

While online dating apps and websites allow people to message each other, this does not hide the fact that they are heavily reliant on visuals.

According to Rimm, there is an “idea that men always have to absolutely dominate women. Related: The Harsh Realities of Being a Woman on Social Media Sex Ed 101: [#cneembed: script/playlist/55b1006261646d0fa4000002.js?

It’s an epidemic that is deeply rooted in pop culture and the media.


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