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Shikoku is the place where Sakutaro met his first love, Aki (Nagasawa Masami).Sakutaro and Aki were deeply in love with one another, but Aki suffered from a fatal disease and passed away.Yes, there are strings and tinkling ivories on occasion but there is a calculated restraint and genuineness running throughout the film, particularly in the first half.

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While Sakutaro is searching for Ritsuko, he looks through objects from his past, and he discovers a message from Aki... This original content has been created by or licensed to Yes Asia.com, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of Yes That's the question at the heart of Crying Out Love in the Center of the World, the 2004 box office sensation directed by Isao Yukisada.

This limited edition comes with a making of DVD, theme song music clip, color visual book (40 pages), as well as Saku and Aki's wedding photo in photo frame! Based on the bestselling romance by Kyoichi Katayama, the film stars Takao Osawa as Sakutaro Matsumoto, a brooding thirtysomething male engaged to the beautiful Ritsuko Fujimura (Kou Shibasaki).

Masami Nagasawa is a revelation as Aki Hirose, and a fine choice to play a character who so effectively changes her loved one's life.

Able to convey intelligence, humor, and grace all at once, Nagasawa is a charming screen presence, able to change the tone of scene with little more than a smile.

Ritsuko, too, seems to wander the same areas as her fiancé. That question is tabled until the film's final act, but in the meantime, the audience is treated to a refreshingly well-drawn teenage love story, albeit, one that harbors a tragic secret.

It's not hard to understand why Crying Out Love in the Center of the World was such a box office smash.

The incident eventually sparks Sakutaro's memory banks, plunging the man's thoughts backwards in time, some seventeen years ago.

His current situation, it seems, has origins in the past.

It is this obtusely tragic sentiment which is explored by Isao Yukisada's seventh feature film Crying Out Love, In The Centre Of The World. Do we face it head on or do we turn our back to it; and do those memories linger constantly in our lives or do they become buried, perhaps one day to be remembered when sifting through old boxes and photographs?

The film's premise and rather soppy titling does conjure images of mushiness and glib melodrama, but it ultimately reveals itself to be a very skillfully metered and sincere romantic drama.


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