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The Dutch soon also settled New Amsterdam and parts of the Hudson Valley, establishing the multicultural colony of New Netherland, a center of trade and immigration. During the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), a group of colonists of the Province of New York attempted to take control of the British colony and eventually succeeded in establishing independence.

Many landmarks in New York are well known, including four of the world's ten most-visited tourist attractions in 2013: Times Square, Central Park, Niagara Falls (shared with Ontario), and Grand Central Terminal.

Long Island was divided roughly in half between the Wampanoag and Lenape.

The Lenape also controlled most of the region surrounding New York Harbor.

In the 1700s, they would also merge with the Mohawk during the French-Indian War and take in the remaining Susquehannock of Pennsylvania after they were decimated in war.

Most of these other groups blended in until they ceased to exist.

After the death of their leader, Chief Philip Metacomet, most of those peoples fled inland, splitting into the Abenaki and the Schaghticoke.

Many of the Mohicans remained in the region until the 1800s, The Mohawk and Susquehannock were the most militaristic.

To differentiate from its city with the same name, it is sometimes called New York State.

The state's most populous city, New York City makes up over 40% of the state's population.


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