Online dating website etiquette

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It is not there for people to 'favourite' someone and then to panic and to hide away.

It's rather disconcerting to receive an email saying that you've been added to someone's 'favourites list' only to find that they've disappeared from the website.

After all, if someone introduced us (out in the real world), the guy would show some semblance of politeness.

On occasion, I’ve contacted the guy a second time and expressed my disappointment in their not answering, and usually, when prodded, they do write something. I wouldn’t call you crazy — but I do wonder why would you pursue someone who initially ignored you.

They say and do things they wouldn’t dare if face-to-face.

If I were in your shoes and didn’t receive response I would take it as a positive clue.However, it’s not just millennials who are looking to find love online today, as new research has revealed there are almost one million over 50s dating online but nearly one third feel out of touch with today’s ephemeral dating culture and 60 per cent feel they lack the confidence to join in.With more than 250 years of advising the British public on codes on conduct, Debrett’s has divided the dating guide into five chapters which include tips on curating your online profile and navigating the murky waters of pre- and post-date communication.“Ourtime research has shown that over 50s daters become physically intimate much quicker than those in their 20s and 30s,” the guide reads, adding that a kiss or an overnight stay on the first date is completely acceptable if it feels right, “but feel free to take things slowly and let the excitement build,” it adds.I thought I would share with you an e-mail conversation I had with a website visitor who was sick and tired of the lack of etiquette on dating websites. In my experience, on dating sites men do not feel the need to be courteous because there are no repercussions or accountability for not doing so.Maybe it will help you if you’ve found yourself or someone you know in a similar situation. Often when I contact a man whose profile I like, he doesn’t even bother to answer.For these guys to think they are above reply to another human being who has shown interest in them reflects a lack of humility.They can’t take the time to say “No thanks but thanks for reaching out”?If you tell the truth, you know that someone is really interested in who you are.The 'hide' function is there for people who wish to take a break from online dating, without having to cancel their account.Even if you are a bit shocked by them getting in touch with you, don't reply with something cruel as it won't help you and it will upset them.If you don't reply at all, they might be nervously waiting to hear from you and may be tempted to send you a reminder.


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