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People in Japan can be part of the same interest specific audience as those in America.Globalization is creating a broader audience that can be further segmented into smaller “slices”.old men) through their “Man Law” commercials on ESPN.

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For example, one of Coca Cola’s 1943 advertisements focused on the notion of the “refreshing rest pause” ( also known as taking a break and drinking a coke.

This message followed into the 50s with slogans like ”Thirst too, seeks quality” (

However, Subway has created and attracted a more health conscious audience to target.

Whereas, Taco Bell has attracted the “tastes good, so you feel good” audience.

As Abbey Klaassen of Ad noted, there is some value in having a brand or product placed on a Myspace user’s page.

Rex Briggs, CEO of Marketing Evolution further stated that real value is created when "I take the brand, put it on my profile page and then all the people would develop a deeper meaning for what [the brand] stands for because of where it stands in my own personal story” (

Therefore, when these consumers buy the beer they also buy with it the label of the young male sports fanatic who hangs out with his buddies and watches sports – the real man.

The second mechanism points out that our media is becoming global, where people all over the world are being influenced by segment making media.

First, new technology, such as cable, satellite, Tivo and the Internet allow people to select what type of media they want to be a part of.

Viewers of any type of media are focused with whether or not the medium “reaches people like them, resonates with their personal beliefs and helps them chart their position in the larger world” (Turow 4).


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