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Events manager for the pub Lola Bushby added: "This is the first naked speed dating we have done, and definitely the most dramatic we've put on. I'm not sure what to expect, but everyone is really excited for it to come to the pub."If it works and everyone enjoys themselves and it's a success, we would definitely do it again."So far it's been really good for business, we've had really good feedback, everyone seems to be really in to it, so we shall see after it happens".The pub benefits from drinks custom while takes the ticket sales.Having featured over 350 profiles to date, there’s clearly been a demand for it.

The Exhibit in London held their first-ever naked speed dating event, and it's exactly what you're envisioning in your head.

According to the journalist that decided to check it out for herself, you enter the room and you are greeted by a shirtless bartender.

At the root of the YCC is the drive to open up our industry to those to whom it would usually be shut.

To broaden the catchment area of strategic creativity.

Registrees of the nearly-sold-out event will be invited to face each other in the buff — girls facing guys — and give each other a twirl.

They'll then get dressed, grab a well-earned bevvy, and mingle — before filling in scorecards. Say the organisers: The selection and attraction of a suitable mate is one of fundamental importance to all species, both in the animal kingdom and with humans too.

Christian Gladwell, Naked CEO said: "The YCC is important.

Our industry exists to generate demand for our client's products, brands and services across society, yet we exclude many strata of that very society from a career in communication.

Turns out, most people were pretty cool about stripping down in front of all these strangers!

The event, created by​, will be held at the Exhibit pub, Balham, south London, and will include up to 30 guests in their birthday suits.


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