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Now, I don’t believe it’s good thing for a guy to brag about his achievements, either in sports, business, dating or whatever.

But on the other hand if you are going to take someone’s advice, I think it’s important that you know who that someone is and where that someone is coming from.

All my rich friends thought I was a total loser, because in their eyes reading = loser. I was reading non stop, trying and failing, getting depressed but getting back up, using misery and disrespect as my motivation and getting better and better every single week - determined that someday I’ll get where I wanted to be.

(You should see my “rich” friends’ faces now when I tag myself from the panoramic restaurant of Burj Al Arab with a perfectly gorgeous celebrity 10 by my side.) Anyway, during these 10 years, in order to become what I’m today, I had to study and master so many fields - starting with PUA and getting to self-made success and persuasion and salesmanship and all kinds of business fields...

When facing doubt and the fear of a harsh diagnosis, the only option is to turn to God. Dobson welcomes back to the studio Ryan and Laura Dobson, founders and hosts of The Rebel Parenting podcast.

They will discuss how Laura’s cancer journey challenged and strained their marriage, and the incredible healing she received from God’s Divine Hand.

Because having the ability to download almost everything - from bestselling books to seminars priced as much as 0,500 - makes all the difference in the world.

This was my drug - unbelievable access to the best information in any field, that would otherwise cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. At that time I couldn’t even afford your average Amazon book.) Torrents was the main reason I believed I can hit it big someday.

Bob lived 60 years with no big ambitions, desires or significant achievements.

If it wasn't for his Facebook profile, few people knew when he had a birthday, and now few people know he had passed away.


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