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And I surely would support the law which You say about in Your first messages in this topic. Men do not disaprove of circumcision, its just carried out because it is best.Yes, we inferiors males must be dealt with very harshly if we want humankind survive on this globe. Castration would be accepted, you would be surprised how quickly it would be accepted.

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Rendering the testicles if not the whole man redundant. Seeing men naked in the streets would be very funny.

So i agree with you Sue, although i dont think we're close to celebrating 'Castration Day' any time soon. Sue Hi Sue, as you say women are gaining authority and laws will be changed to protect women and children, so maybe the benefits of castration can be proved and put into practice sooner than ive imagined. And as Debbie says seeing the men paraded naked in the streets would be entertaining if not very funny. Seeing the balls of an animal is not that much different in seeing the balls of a man. In some cases with their tiny penises (less their balls) humilating for them.

Best Wishes, This is the first part of marriage night tips in Urdu.

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I however witness and assisted in castrating a horse and a donkey. He allowed me to slice open the sacks reach in and pull out the balls. He instructed me how to cut the cords and I soon had the balls in my hand.

He finished up the procedure, as I had such a rush of power as to what I had just done.The donkey balls I have saved and they are such a conversation piece as they sit in my living room.My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.There are many website that are providing adult and sexually exploit material and proving it the “best Suhag Raat Ka Tareeka”. The groom should understand his bride and it is always best to talk on the first marriage night rather than being a sex animal.The more they understand each other, the more stronger relationship will be.Sue I think most Womyn like to tease and inflame their partners lust and without his balls their lust would diminish.Many Womyn are starting to fully understand their sexuality and its potency.But like you say, i've heard that removing testicles does make a male far more placid and i would like to think 'obedient'. Julia Don't you just hate it when a few very sick males take the roll of playing Females all the while there sitting in front of their computer, butt naked, jacking off to there on little pea brain beat!!! Linda Linda, castration on animals can be viewed in person very easily. office, castrations on dogs and cats are a everyday procedure. also perform castrations on horses and large animals on farms. To everyone else who thinks we are not females, but males drop your pants and I will show you what a female will do to your silly balls.So i agree lets start making the world a better place. Anonymous No I don't hate that, it shows that men wants to be castrated by women. I know now I have to learn to castrate animals first before I will perform castration on men. Besides who would what to be a male in todays world?Unplanned child birth would be totally removed, and most important child and female rape would be a thing of the past.A mans balls cause this, so why not 'cut' right to the problem.


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