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The special .squad will enforce all provlsloivi of the vehicle act.qun T AT nt ONT PEIPINO, China, Jan IB ^APi Reports reached Pelping today that Japansse vsoonnoltring plane.s had flown over the Chinese defei K:e lines, seventy miles south of the city ef iehfll la the province of that name, n was Mtter eold on a U the .Th Is par- cel wa^ forwarded to Ha dsstlnatlon a few days follonlnu the accident, Mr.

In his appeal before the court, lie claimed his case was one of mistaken Ident- ity and he asked for a new trial, which was denied.

Two days later he and another man, named Stewart, entered a Pender Street restaurant and at- tempted to hold up the proprietor while the latter was making chain ■ of a bill presented by du Bos payment for a meal.

Grew Issued the following statement: "Regarding rumors publlslied In various newspapers In Japan to the effect that under.

ff t t»t laseeiae MSfea Mjwt^ At the time ot the seddsi U ths Nordhvai was bound for Chsa Mta MS to complete with lufl Sb ST.

1933 umn LIFE' LECry REl HEME Lord Zetland Gives Address Under Coaii9M of Eduet Hen Cunon ol «( kit fl MWatlon of the Marqufss Kedleiton.

c Sr Ssie is ao understanding or m Mathewa agreement of thla ttdote between the United stotes^aod Gbtna." A FV^reign Oftfcs Spokes m an said Japan had "reliable information that forty American aviators, mostly non-commissioned officers on the active list, were Instruett Bff Chi- nese In South China." Confronted with a statement that none of the American Instructors at the Chinese air school at Han- chow is in active American military service, the ^Mfeass Baa g M to his story.

and will compel s U gasoline stations to close at S o'clock In the evening.

I proixjfie to stay open until they arrest me for not complynng with the by-law.

will assist In the collection of the gaaoline tax, will supervise the weight of trucks, see that all cars are Ueeoosd and conform to safety regulations, aad that rulss tt the Pub Uc Utm Haa Bsard ars eanlsd out.

i ht V liad hoped the committee \i«ii]id adopt the so-called Drum- no^^^roposals, but this was not Wn X NOT PROTEST TOKIO, Jan.


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