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users read while the post is written and can react immediately.This type of interaction requires much higher user activity in comparison to persistent communication e.g. Further, it is more spontaneous, often leading to emotionally-rich communication between involved peers.For each channel, we have consecutive daily recordings of the open discussion over a period of 42 days, which amounts to more than 2.5 million posts in total generated by more than 20.000 different users.

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Nowadays, IRC channels are still one of the most used platforms for collective real-time online communication and are used for various purposes, e.g.

Dieses Verfahren gilt nun als angreifbar, was bedeutet das für uns an der Universität Regensburg...

How do users behave in online chatrooms, where they instantaneously read and write posts?

We demonstrate that the stylised facts of the emotional persistence can be reproduced by our model by only calibrating a small set of agent features.

This success indicates that our modeling framework can be used to test further hypothesis about emotional interaction in online communities.


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