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However, efficient communication’s about much more than merely exchanging information and data; it is also about comprehending the emotion and feeling that stands behind certain information.Interpersonal communication skills could enhance a relationship’s overall health at work, home and other parts of your life as well.The best strategy to employ is effective communication, which is not a monthly or weekly activity but a daily food of marriage.

This problem prompted the researcher into this study, believing that at the end of the study, it will proffer solutions to them.

Some marriages crumble because of lack of interpersonal communication.

By practicing these interpersonal communication skills, one can connect with his/her spouse, coworkers, friends and kids in a much better way What is Effective Communication?

In this epoch of information, each person ought to dispatch and receive a whole plethora of messages just about every day.

Communication fails, when one wakes up one day to face a stranger and this stranger will be ones husband or wife.

This happens because at a point the couple stopped communicating that is to say they stop talking to each other about what they feel, what they think and what they hope for each other.

For instance, a speech that is read rarely has a strong impact when compared to a speech that’s delivered spontaneously.

Obviously it takes some effort and time to develop such skills and grow to be a good interpersonal communicator.

The study also intends to find out whether lack of inadequate interpersonal communication contributes to the failure of marriage relationship.

The study will help to know whether interpersonal communication builds trust in marriage relationship.


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