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* Poverty or Provident Living Need, typically including the necessities of daily living (food, clothing, shelter, and health care).

Besides the deprivation of essential goods and services, need can include the loss of normal social relationships by social exclusion, dependency by legal guardianship, or other inability to actively and freely participate in society.

Then the guide brightly tells me: “It’s very equal here. But China’s Internet industry doesn’t need feel-good stories in order to be noticed: It is becoming increasingly competitive with the rest of the world–and Tencent, which was recently valued at more than $139 billion on the Hong Kong stock exchange, is about to become its breakout star.

“Chinese companies are much more innovative [than U. companies] in integrating social media, gaming, and e-commerce to make an amazing user experience,” says Sun Baohong, associate dean of global programs at Beijing-based Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

But when I pull out a notebook and start jotting down the numbers, the receptionist waves her hand. The experience feels like a throwback to the tightly controlled Communist Party–sponsored trips reporters went on back in the 1980s, before the country really started opening up to the outside world.

An attractive, young, fluent English speaker shuffles me from one screen to another.

But none of this is up for discussion during my tour at Tencent. I am not even allowed to glimpse inside the rooms where Tencent coders produce their hit products.

On my way out of the building, I point out a book on a table in the lobby that profiles some of the company’s young creative people, and suggest these would be interesting types for me to interview.

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