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Also, do you know of any group of women who are into not-for-profit phone sex? Creative dirty-talk is an essential skill that can come in handy in person, as well as over the phone.The guilt you describe is very common, but know there's nothing wrong with phone sex, as long as the person on the other end of the conversation is consenting.

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“Hard Core taught me that porn is a discourse on our sexuality about masculinity and femininity, about the roles we play,” she says. Men with little sexual intelligence.” Hard Core convinced her that woman needed to be part of the discourse, not as on-camera male playthings, but behind the camera in leadership roles, helping to shape the discussion.

“I realized that the only ones participating in the discourse of pornography were men. She rebels against the usual hard body/big boob tropes of mainstream porn by including a wide range of body types.

In the age of cell phones and STIs, phone sex is one of the safest forms of sex one can have.

As far as a phone sex line on-campus is concerned, you'll likely need to look beyond the University gates.

There are all manner of breast shapes and sizes, circumcised and uncircumcised penises, lumpy bits and hairy men (very popular, according to the fan mail).

“The performers are natural, individual and attractive in their own unique way.” They look like real people, albeit in the “TV Ugly” way.At her production company Lust Films, feminist porn doesn't mean slo-mo footage of women receiving equal pay for equal work (although that might be kinda hot), but is about making “good porn.” “The values behind my films are equality, consent, creativity, realism, and above all, sex that is being enjoyed,” she says.“Just because I am making female-led porn with a feminist mindset doesn't mean that all the sex has to be white satin sheets and roses.The paid phone-sex industry offers several stimulating options that allow callers to: Many enjoy the anonymity of a phone exchange.If cost is a concern, it may be possible to find other people (non-professionals) interested in having similar conversations. I imagined that another porn was possible.” She envisioned an ethical porn that would represent her own sexuality.“Good porn is realistic, relatable, creative, intelligent, embodies equality and places importance on the sex and pleasure of everyone,” says Lust, whose production team is 95% female.I didn’t identify with anything that I saw,” she said in her TEDx talk “It's Time For Porn to Change.” “The women did not look like they were enjoying themselves, and the sexual situations were totally ridiculous. Not slutty Sharons, horny teens, desperate housewives, hot nurses, and nymphomaniac hookers, always looking to service pimps, multi-millionaires or macho sex machines.I’ve always considered myself free and open-minded towards pornography, but what I saw in practice was just offensive.Dear Alice, I love to have phone sex, but I always feel guilty after the conversation. , They say a person's most sensitive erogenous zone is the brain. Phone sex is a safe, healthy, and fun way to get off.Am I some sort of a deviant because I like listening to women playing with themselves? Not to mention, it's a great way to practice communicating your sexual desires and fantasies.


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