Husband s sex chat divorce

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Some members use their journals as a make shift chat, I am sure a chat room would go over well with all the members here. not sure about being in chat rooms on the internet. when we do have sex, sometimes he doesn't ejaculate?? i feel then that i have not satisfied him or arroused him. he also mentions often that he is sorry he made a mess when he does ejaculate. The in person mtgs are very important for you too, as you will get skin on love from people that are in your VERY same shoes! Hi, I can hear a man who loves his wife very much but who has not received any support whilst doing his best to support the woman he loves. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ...My husband said to me after the m/c that it wasnt even a real baby yet anyway.I was horrified, I looked at the chat rooms for some kind of m/c support.I just wanted to leave a little message here to say they can get better in the hope that it might offfer a little support. I gained three punds back since surgery and feel like a pack of sugar but once I am able to start walking and exercising again...Happy to chat to anyone if anyone wants to, as I really do understand what they feel like, and I know what its like to have someone not understand or dimiss how u feel. There are other caregivers in the group, so maybe one of them will stop by to let you know what worked for them. I'll do a lil bit better :) Krista: I am sending RSssssssss BD shower your way AGAIN.... She has been a single Mom for half of her son's life and then got married when the boy was at age seven (Her ex-husband was not his biological father).Obviously she has now gotten a divorce and we met early on in her seperation from her ex-husband (alittle over a year ago).Does anyone know of a good online support forum for spouses of Addicts, preferably prescription pill addicts. I've come to realized that I'm am powerless, a meager blip on the radar that sweeps ever so cunningly for its next fix.I want to talk to others who are affected by wives or husbands who are abusing ... It is obvious that nothing else is as important as hydrocodone - I don't even know who she is anymore. Some members may need immediate advice or support or just simply want to chat.I have noticed that on occassion her 14 year old boy sleeps with her whenever I'm not there (I work nights four days out of a week) and recently - in the last week or two - this behavior has somewhat increased.I don't know why this matters so much to me, because it never really did before; or at least I guess it was easier to ignore beore this last year.


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