How to spot fake profiles on dating sites

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You should only make "overhangs" on rocks not built on a framework.When your rock is made, the framework will be completely hidden.You may want to dig a shallow trench, 2 or 3 inches deep, around the outline of your outcropping.Remember, the shipping tape should be on the inside of the shell.The hardware cloth should be exposed on the outside of the shell.Bend excess hardware cloth at the corners and fold it back on itself, similar to gift wrapping a package.Crease the bends so they stay put and don't stick out from the shell too much. If making a rock on a framework, bring the hardware cloth down into your trench.You will be making a mess, so cover everything you care about with plastic sheet.Your work area should be one where you can make the rock, and NOT need to move the rock for several days thereafter.When you apply concrete to the framework, you want the concrete to "lock in" to the mesh of the hardware cloth, but you don't want the concrete to fall through to the inside of the shell.The plastic shipping tape on one side lets the concrete lock into the hardware cloth, but not fall through.5) Form your hardware cloth freehand, or shape it over your framework, or use an existing rock as a form to help shape the hardware cloth.


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