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Since then we've reached out individually to several hundred people with information on how they can get the tickets they need and that work continues.

The letter mentions 'inconsistent, incomplete and/or contradictory information' and I've looked into this.

As mentioned before, this 'Verified Fan' process is about ensuring real fans get tickets and not scalpers or bots. More than a few people were frustrated with their experience last week and ended up with no tickets - this is a small compensation, a second chance to enter the presale.

Ahead of day 1 of the presale longtime subscribers were sent an email confirming that they were 'verified' and this was followed by a text message with the code they needed in order to take part in the presale.

Some subscribers, who contacted Customer Services when their code hadn't arrived, were told that the Verified Fan programme has a 'lottery' element and doesn't offer a guarantee of participation in the presale.

This was erroneous information coming from some CS people who seem to have confused our Verified Fan programme for the e&i tour with those of other artists. Once a subscriber has filled out the verification details and the Setup Complete form turns GREEN, the verification process kicks in and as soon as someone is verified they are automatically emailed.If and when genuine subscribers don't get the verification email and code, they can contact us and we will work to quickly get them a code.There wasn't any delay in the issuing of codes, except the group I mentioned above.(U2Achtung) Mark Baker (@U2Brothr) María José (U2& Vertigo Radio) Matt Mc Gee ( Matthias Mühlbradt (U2Gigs) Matthew Atkin (U2Gigs) Max Tsukino (U2/ Zootopia Community Moderator) Michelle Johnson ( Community Moderator) Nicole ( Oliver Zimmer ( Paul ( Pere (U2& Vertigo Radio) Raul (U2& Vertigo Radio) Régis "Clad63" B.(U2achtung) Remy ( Roberto Robles ( Rodrigo (@U2Uruguay) Sabine Schieweck ( Sergio ( Sherry Lawrence ( Tassoula K.A final word of thanks to Guy Oseary for his recent direct outreach to affected fans. Com/Zootopia Community Manager) Joyce ( Jo D.(U2Achtung) Jose Manuel (U2& Vertigo Radio) Judith T.Because these developments contradicted information provided by, many felt blindsided and have expressed dismay about a perceived lack of transparency in the presale process.There were a number of problematic issues with the presales, all of which we have documented extensively and can make available to you.We're a tribe -- your tribe -- a community, a church without walls built upon trust and loyalty. We are as sure this was not your intention as we are that you will find a way to correct the system and make it right.You've earned ours, and we've earned yours over these many years. We would be happy to collaborate with you to find a resolution. Com) André Axver (U2Gigs) Andrew Smith ( Angelo D'Arezzo (U2News IT/U2360GRADI. (U2achtung) Beth Nabi (U2 Tattoo Project) Brad ( Claudia Espinosa (U22004–2015) Davide ( Don ( Christoph Beller ( Eleonora Pisoni ( Ezequiel ( Argentina) Fernando (U2& Vertigo Radio) Gerard ( Harry ( Hans Becker ( Javi (U2& Vertigo Radio) John Noble (U2.


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