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His only problem right now is that his behavior makes it inconvenient to bash Trump on his Stormy Daniels behavior. He can assure himself of election by claiming to be an illegal. Remember now, we are in the age of you are what you claim to be i.e. This is interesting in that I haven’t heard the current governor Brown intercede for his trusted lieutenant, which makes me think the hard leftists of the party don’t want a “whitey” in there, even with the scarlet credentials of Newsom. The “Most Interesting Governor’s Race” in the nation just got a little more interesting.

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Guilfoyle, the ex-wife of former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, appeared on The Five along with her four-co-hosts Tuesday to discuss the challenges the Republican Party has been facing in swaying young women to vote conservative.

When Guilfoyle’s fellow panelist Greg Gutfield suggested that married, older women tend to vote Republican because 'with age comes wisdom,' the 45-year-old former California prosecutor launched into a tirade calling out younger women for their perceived ignorance.

More power to them.” So the next time a 40-something Republican politician has an under-20 date, I will assume it is OK to refer to them as a power couple!!! By way of background, Renteria was the political director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Prior to working in politics, she worked for Goldman Sachs, the city of San Jose, and as a high school math teacher.

“I haven’t heard anyone say anything negative about the young woman he’s seeing,” says Chronicle gossip columnist Leah Garchik.

“It’s a live-and-let-live city, and we have a young handsome mayor. — Amanda Renteria (@Amanda Renteria) March 15, 2018…So, when the news first broke that San Francisco’s popular 39-year-old mayor Gavin Newsom was dating a 19-year-old model and restaurant hostess (she’s since turned 20), the city buzzed with gossip — and more than a little scuttlebutt — about the City by the Bay’s newest power couple.

…But in tune with the free-thinking spirit of the city, most San Franciscans don’t seem bothered by Newsom’s new romance.

“We’ve got to be sending the message that the more power you have, the more responsibility you have to protect others.” As mayor of San Francisco more than a decade ago, Newsom had an affair with one of his City Hall aides, who was also married to his campaign manager at the time.

Newsom has repeatedly apologized for the transgression, and in a Facebook post last month, his former appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey Gibney, said she was “doubtful” it was workplace sexual harassment.


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