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A few days before I had to leave I signed up for Tinder because I wanted to meet some new people who could show me around the city. I went out and explored the city twice with a nice, good looking guy before I left the country.” 12. If I happen to meet somebody with whom I clicked well with sexually but doesn’t have long term potential, I’d be ok with a friends with benefits situation. “I downloaded the app just to try it out and had zero expectations. I just want to get laid without all the dating bullshit.” 20. Ended up meeting and dating a guy who was a huge jerk. Saying hi and getting to know the person is so much better than awkwardly fending off sexual innuendo or talking about what letter in the alphabet I am.” 23.

Be aware that someone may need to take the grenade. You'll be able to see if you've both shared photos from the same place, too.

Let's hope this stops all the creepy men commenting on random IG pics. An acronym for Plenty Of Fish, this dating app offers both free and subscription based services.

Casa’s a great place to take in a night on their patio or to catch a band in their second room. And I don't get the doorman outside, I'm not going clubbing.

They serve up regular DJ's and nacho plates large enough to ensure you probably won't be able to dance.

“A mutually invested individual that may or may not evolve into something interesting. I just go along with whatever happens, be it friendship or hookups or whatever.” via GIPHY 11. I don’t have friends to go out and meet new people so that app works fine for me.

I feel like the majority of the people who quip about it being an app strictly for sex are basing it entirely on anecdotal circle jerk nonsense and have never actually used it.” 9. “I was on a business trip in Singapore for three weeks. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary and now live together.” via GIPHY 21. Also I get to see a load of really ripped muscle monkeys. “An actual engaged conversation– someone who’s not going to use stupid pickup lines or ice breakers just to use them.

Trying to be a wine bar without giving the proper service and interest in wine.

"i have met a lovely lady and, we are living together only after 17 days ..thxs" - cheeky1always, Auckland. I met very nice people on here, the site is very discreet and fun." - Anonymous, Auckland.

Though, there are other options if you want to get amongst it on your mobile but are sworn off Tinder. Everytime you're near someone IRL (who has the app), their profile will pop up.

After two people mutually opt in by swiping right, they're added to each other's 'hive' of connections, though the woman has to say something first within 24 hours or the connection disappears forever.


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