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De Cosemo also moved in Lightbody's Springfield apartment when he moved out of his parents' house.

Sometimes you’re driving through the US for two days in a row but you just read or sleep. People thought Northern Ireland was a scary place at the time, so any band who played Belfast before the ceasefire we ended up loving forever. Fifteen people came to the gig and we thought about giving up.

Then Jo Whiley started playing Run on the radio and it changed things for us almost overnight.

How has the music industry changed since you started?

We started in 1994 and it’s a different entity entirely.

I stare at my beer for 20 minutes then perk up again. You can’t want to do it every night… No but we’ve been doing it for so long we know people in a lot of cities, so it’s nice to catch up. In other cities, we don’t know anyone and go to a bar with a good jukebox.

Then we go to the after-show party or a bar and have a laugh. We’re getting older, so that’s my idea of bliss. The Red Hot Chili Peppers supported by Rollins Band in Belfast’s Ulster Hall in 1991. My second was Nirvana supported by The Breeders. Nirvana became a massive part of my life and kick-started my desire to be in a band. The venue was a strip club in the day and they’d unscrew the pole from the stage in the evening for the gig. Final Straw was out in Britain and not doing that well.

No, because it’s my song and I sing it my own way.

But it belongs to them too, so I can’t be a prick about it.

He found himself breaking guitars they could not afford. He later gave up drinking and now does it "for fun" and credits his bandmates for the turnaround.

When at the University of Dundee, Lightbody met Nick De Cosemo, a fellow student, and the two became friends.


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