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FAVORITE RESTAURANT (Ustup to three.) 1) 2) BEST DISHES (List restaurants at which the best of these are found.) 4) Appetizers 5) Barbecue 6) Hamburger 7) Steak 8) Comfort Food 9) Chicken-Fried Steak 10) Chile-Pepper Dish 1 1 ) French Fries 12) Chips and Hot Sauce 13) Taco 14) Soup 15) Salad/Dressing 16) Seafood Dish 17) Pub Grub 18) Bagels 19) Sushi Restaurant Poll 21) Dim Sum 22) Bowl of Pho 23) American Breakfast 24) Mexican Breakfast 25) Sandwich 26) Dessert 27) Bread 28) Ice Cream 29) Gelato 30) Coffee 31) Pizza 32) Enchiladas 33) Vegetables 34) Chicken Dish 35) Wild-Game Dish 36) Bargain (Specify dish and restaurant name.) Dish: Restaurant name: 37) Veggie Burger 38) Vegetarian Dish 40) Tex-Mex 41) Taqueria 42) Italian 43) Cajun/Creole 44) Middle Eastern 45) Indian 46) Chinese 47) Japanese 48) Korean 49) Thai 50) Vietnamese 51) Other Oriental/Asian 53) Vegetarian/Natural Food 54) French 55) Other Ethnic (German, Cuban, Belgian, Salvadoran, etc.; specify type and restaurant name.) Type: Restaurant name: OTHER STUFF 56) Best New Restaurant (opened in 2004-05) 57) Best Chef (Specify chef's name and restaurant name.) Chef's name: Restaurant name: 58) Best Service/Best Waitstaff 59) Best Full-Service Bakery 60) Best Pastry Shop 61) Best Grocery Store 62) Best Ethnic Market 63) Best Patio/Beer Garden 64) Best Decor 65) Best Romantic Dinner Spot 66) Best Sunday Brunch 67) Best Fast Food 68) Best Takeout BEST ETHNIC/SPECIALTY RESTAURANT 39) Mexican (non-Tex-Mex) 69) Best Delivery 70) Best Wine List 71 ) Best Smokers Restaurant 72) Best Beer Selection 73) Best Buffet 74) Best Happy Hour/Free or Cheap Deal (Specify deal and restaurant name.) Happy hour/deal: Restaurant name: 75) Best Late Night/All Night 76) Best Restaurant Bathroom 77) Best Place to Take Kids 78) Best Place to Take Parents 79) Best Restaurant Within 60 Miles of Austin 80) Best Place We Wish Were Still Open 81 ) Any Other Restaurant Worth Noting 20) Tofu Dish 52) American 82) Best Food Event 4 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE | APRIL 1, 2005 Dell Latitude C610 - 256MB RAM - 20GB Hard Drive - CD-ROM Drive - 3.5" Floppy Drive - 10/100 Networlpi^ac h Altec Lansing A425 Piece Speaker System - 2 satellites & 4" subwoofer ■30 watts RMS total -Color coded cables NO REBATES REQUIRED DELL OPTIPLEX GX1 Intel 450MHz Pentium III 64MB SDRAM 6.4GB Hard Drive CD-ROM Drive 3.5" Floppy Drive' 10/100 NIC Sound & Video Onboard New AMD Bargain System 2400 AMD Sempron - 128MB DDR, 400MHz - 80GB Hard Drive -48x CDRW Drive - 3.5" Floppy Drive ■32MB, AGP Video - 10/100 NIC 1 0 approach 444-4443 Monitor 1280x1024 .26mm dot pitch 11 Dell P991 19 Flat Monitor - 1600x1200 @85Hz - .24mnn dot pitch - Flat Screen - Anti-static - Anti-reflection LET US HELPI - Upgrade you computer - Install new hardware -Remove nasty VIRUSES and SPYWARE (15 years experience fixing PCs - we've seen it a COMFUTIIIG TECHHai-OGV INDUSTRY A££a CIATIDh CIi RT[I']]:i HP Laser Jet 1100 - 8 PPM - 600x600 DPI M| - Envelope feed |^ - Small footprint - Cables included HP Laser Jet 6L -6 PPM - 600x600 DPI ^ - - Envelope feed _^Pf - Small footprint - Cables included SYSTEMS WE BUY NOTEBOOKS PARTS 2500 South Lamar Blvd. RESTAUBANT POLL BALLOT P.4 Page Two 8 Postmarks 10 News Midtown Live Fallout Bums On; The David and Goliath Story of Clear Channel; One Austinite's Peacekeeping Experience in Iraq; and More 19 On the Lege: Halfway to Nowhere 19 The Hightower Report 33 Weird by Design City's proposed design standards emphasize livability, waikability and flexibility by Rachel Proctor May 34 Letters at 3AM 40 Lionizing America's Minimum-Wage Heroines Onstage; Hold That Funding Process One More Time; and 'Fame' Via Liverpool 43 Dance Adopting a Survivor's Tale Stephen Mills' Journey into the Holocaust leads our community toward tolerance by Robert Faires 44 44 Books: News/Print, etc 48 After a Fashion 50 FOOD Tlie Secret Recipe Journeyman chef Charles Mayes knows how to run a restaurant by Wes Marshall 53 Food-o-File 53 Cafe Bistro at Nordstrom, La Terraza 54 Restaurant Roulette 57 screens Warner Bros. Center in California offers a puja (devotional offering), an inspirational talk, and bhajans (devotional songs).

Open Monday-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm Approach South Austin's Qr.*^ Computer Source APRIL 1,2005 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 5 COVER ILLUSTRATION BY WILLIAM SCHAFF ► ► ► ONTENTS VOL. Kills 'Wizard People,' Spells It Out for Alamo; DVD Watch: 'Carrie: Special Edition'; and Film News 61 TV Eye 64 miis TC TCB: Songs to Set the Mood for Opening Day, and More 67 Olclcervil River Austin's literary Black Sheep Boys by Melanie Haupt 68 Bill Narum ZZ Top and other Lone Star iconography by Margaret Moser 70 Phases & Stages: Beck 74 News of the Weird 76 WEB EXTRAS •••• ^ Postmarks Online' forum, 'Soccer Watch' updates, 'Ask Mr. /webextra CHRONIPIE calendar 78 COMMUNrr V 78 Day Trips 80 Soccer Watch 82 ARTS 84 Genghis Khan; Kill Sport; Sky Above, Earth Below FILM 90 Sin City, Beauty Shop, Meiinda and Meiin6a, The Baiiad of Jacl ®l Here's a nhallonao f,,- K^^i, 1-..:..^ ^ \W\ Here's a challenge for book-loving food- ies!

NOW THROUGH SUNDAY^ TAKE| 20% ALL REGULARLY PRICED MERCHANDISE! (See Saturday) Sports BY MARK FAGAN THE MAIN EVENT THE ROUND ROCK EXPRESS gets things rolling with a pair of exhibition games against their parent club the Houston Astros and the Astros' AA affiliate, the Corpus Christi Hooks (which'll be the first game in franchise history for the Hooks), before beginning their first season as a AAA ball club with a four-game homestand vs.

(SALE-PRICED MERCHANDISE EXCLUDED) LOS LOBOS Live at the Fillmore $13.99 CD BRAZILIAN GIRLS Brazilian Girls $9.99 CD ULRICH SCHNAUSS Strangely Isolated Place $11.99 CD ADEM Homesongs $11.99 CD SHADOWS FALL War Within $10.99 CD TISH HINOJOSA A Heart Wide Open $13.99 CD WATERLOO SALE ENDS 4-3-2005 Compact Discs Records • Video 10-11 Mon- Sat 11-11 Sun 600-A North Lamar Austin, TX 78703 2)474.2SOO WHERE MUSIC STILL MATTERS Al S0SA«E20%n T ( HURRY IN FOR REST SELECTION. • As always, we fully guarantee everything we sell even that you^ll like the music • Simply return it with your receipt within 10 days for a merchandise exchange or store credit.

The market returns to its regular home next week; 9am-lpm, Saturday April 2. 38th 419-7482) continues their Tequila Tuesdays (first Tuesday of every month) with a tasting of Corazon brand tequilas, both the Blanco and Agave Reposado varieties. INSIDE BOOKS VOLUNTEER NIGHT Help answer the 600 requests for books received each month from Texas' incarcerated.

Ten dollars gets you tequila samples and a selection of appetizers Seating is limited; 5-7pm, Tuesday April 5.

Again, the green-apple aromas from the wine brought out the aromatics of the fish and all of its spices.

Just a smidge behind, but still an excellent match, the Salmon With Fresh Roasted Gar Uc Dill Butter () had a slight bit of heat from a little jerk sauce and the delicious aioli blended with cracked mus- tard. A SPRING SERVICE OF RENEWAL Planned Parenthood's Clergy Advisory Group invites you to this interdenominational service to welcome the spring season, honor the sacred work of women, and celebrate choice with music, readings, and medita- tions.

• You can listen to anything in stock - just ask • Q 0 4, p pv p 1 i 1 #1^^*** * 0 Dom 4 Dom FOUR TET Rounds .99 CD THE NOTWIST Neon Golden .99 CD Classical sical Classical Classical i:i:iiac T:tiii3 BOCELLI/GERTSEVA Werther .99 2 CD set Classical Classical LANG LANG Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.

2: Paganini Rhapsody .99 CD A Waterloo exclusive...


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