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Arab money, materialism, luxury goods and extreme architectural monuments leave stars in the eyes of many.

Arab money, materialism, luxury goods and extreme architectural monuments leave stars in the eyes of many.

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A recent report from Reuters describes a middle-aged man in Germany who has been stealing electricity from a high-voltage overhead transmission line using a run-of-the-mill meat hook.

After getting cut off by the power company for not paying his bills, the energy thief decided he would acquire the necessary power on his own; he attached a meat hook to the end of a long cable, and hurled the hook onto an overhead power line 150 meters from his house.

Prostitutes are allowed to ply their trade in licensed nightclubs for up to $1,000 US dollars a night and the authorities turn a blind eye.

As one man put it in an undercover journalistic interview; “Every woman has a price and the men here can afford to pay it.” It is no wonder that tens of thousands of women voluntarily leave India, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the African continent each year to sell their bodies to the highest bidder.

From Rick Ross’s ‘Devil is a Lie’ to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Looking Ass N*gga’, when rappers aren’t bragging about their fancy homes, cars and Basquiat paintings they are name-dropping the most exotic countries on the map.

Aside from Paris, Milan and London, Dubai is one of the most talked about cities for the hip-hop elite.

I met a friend the other day and she told me about some bad experiences she has had due to meeting people from this site.

There are alot of men seeking women for sexual pleaseur and many are willing to use force or offer money ( gifts ).

” while rubbing his fingers together to signal money. What seemed like undue attention given to young, attractive women turned out to be another booming industry within this hyper capitalist society.

In a traditional Islamic country, where public displays of affection are punishable offences with jail time, prostitution is a lucrative business.


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