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“There are people for whom it is a completely innocent, sexless experience,” says Rodriguez. The sexual aspect of the fandom is a huge part of it for me — but I can’t say how big a part it is for people who aren’t me.” Rodriguez, who owns a “partial” — meaning his wolf suit consists of a head, arms, legs, feet and a tail — spent four years making the film, during which time he met his boyfriend, who is also a furry. “We’ve been together two and a half years,” says Rodriguez. It brings humanity into something that’s total fantasy.” Growing up saturated with cartoons and the internet, he says, it isn’t that hard to see why some people gravitate toward being titillated by the idea of being cartoon animals themselves.

“I feel like making the movie made me more comfortable with who I am.” Coming out as a furry wasn’t as hard for Rodriguez as he knows it is for some. Furry porn is really beautiful — you can see the artists put themselves into it. “It’s less inhibited — less letting anxiety get in the way,” Rodriguez explains. When animals have sex, they have sex and then they’re done. They lose their boner if they get freaked out.” Rodriguez includes an interview with a furry sex-toy designer in “Fursonas,” whose company, Bad Dragon, makes, among other things, “dildoes in the shape of horse c–ks or dog d–ks.” The company founder, who goes by the name of Varka, is “an artist,” says Rodriguez.

Please bear in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list, though!

Misconceptions and vilifications, many of which are addressed in the film, abound.

Phil” and “The Tyra Banks Show,” focused on the kinky aspect of the community — in short, that many of its adherents find the suits a huge turn-on.

The 25-year-old director aims to shed a more equitable light on the subject with “Fursonas,” which will be available on i Tunes starting on Tuesday.

His film focuses on a handful of members of the furry community, most of whom own elaborate costumes (some costing thousands of dollars) and all of whom would like very much not to be seen as freaks.

Still, he doesn’t shy away from talking about sex, the issue that’s dogged (so to speak) the community for years.

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