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So, if you do want to learn this technique, you must promise that you won’t use this technique to hurt women intentionally. In addition, you must understand that it’s to undo the effect that Fractionation has on your target.

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What are the chances she’d leave her husband for me? “I’m going to tell you something about women which you remember for the rest of your life.” “I’m listening.” “Ever heard stories of a woman leaving her husband of twenty years to run off with a guy she’s just met? “So, even if her husband is the one that pays the bills and keeps her in handbags,” I continued, “she’ll still go wherever her heart tells her to.” Richie was beginning to see my point. There’s a real possibility of really fucking it all up – if you don’t know what you’re doing. (In fact, once you’re done reading this article in its entirety, you know more about how to attract a married woman than most guys you’ll ever meet.) Congratulations. What if I told you there is actually a woman you see – whether it’s the sultry barmaid at your local watering hole or the mature married lady who works in the finance department – will pretty much get you permanently stuck in her mind like a big fat South African leech. 🙂 The truth is that Fractionation is all around us. First, there’s something we need to address regarding the process of seducing women. Whether it’s a job, a promotion, a sale, or to get anyone to do our bidding… Of course, modern dating and “Pickup Artist” (also known as PUA) style advice has us believing that if we’re nice, honest guys that we’ll eventually get the girl. Ever wondered how professional hypnotists can make a person do pretty much whatever they want?

You’re now a Ph D in the dark arts of enticing a married woman (and as a side effect, cuckolding a guy). You’ve probably seen it in a million different places already, but you never noticed it. Cluck like a chicken, dance around the room, make love to a broomstick? This same principle works amazingly well when it comes to seducing women.

But in my first text: it’s something that I learned from Derek Rake when I studied under him for a couple of years.

I’ll tell you more about this later, but it involves using this technique called “fractionation”.

id you finally get the cell phone number of the woman that you have been eyeing for a while?

Are you on top of the world, but aren’t exactly sure how to phrase your first text to her in order to convince her to go out on a date with you in the end? In this exclusive, you’ll learn five tips that can help you increase your chances of getting that woman to go out with you – Before you start, you’ll have to understand this one thing: Given the amount of information in this guide, it’s quite easy to miss out on some important details which may cause you to fail down the line…

Here’s what make us different – We are huge proponents of using in order to attract women.

This means that we do not do “Pickup Artist” stuff like dressing outlandishly (i.e.

If that sounds rather complicated to you, don’t worry – it’s actually pretty simple (especially once you’ve seen some examples which I am going to share with you next). Trashy romance books which women can’t seem to get enough of. These are all purposely written with the Fractionation technique in mind. The answer is this: each chapter of the book or each scene in the movie is written to put you into trance, snap you back to reality… As you’ll remember, women run on emotions, not rationale – which makes them particularly to Mind Control techniques such as Fractionation.

Most women don’t realize it, but Fractionation gets used against them as a manipulation tactic on a daily basis. If you have, then you’ll be familiar with what I’m going to say next… And if you want to attract a married woman, then it’s this vulnerability in her mind that you will want to exploit. Understand this – I don’t usually teach Fractionation to strangers or people that I just get to know. Well, the reason is simple, and I won’t mince my words here… Indeed, given its nature, Fractionation can be downright dangerous.


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