Filipina women dating hawaii black men

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This is directed to the ones who partner themselves with white men with the intention of finding a ticket to the in-crowd.

Interestingly enough, white people spend an ample amount of money in tanning salons so that they can have our complexion; I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side.

I also believe that the body politic is responsible for creating a self-sustaining financial atmosphere that at the very least should not indirectly force young Pilipinas to make these difficult business mergers. PS – Writing this, and making this opinion public was a difficult decision.

” I simply replied, “Granted, but just because the Ku Klux Klan think they have the God-given right to kill black men does not make it all right.” I’m just warming up.

I do not doubt that there are interracial couples that have started out of pure love and remain out of pure love.

You know who you are, and you are what I refer to as “EC” or Ethnic Cleansing Pilipinas.

Let it sit for a second, try to subside your immediate reaction of anger and with all your will, try to understand my point.I thought long and hard, and my dialogue with that beautiful Visayan Pilipina made me realize that the problem lies in the Philippine government.Tragically, there is a lack, or rather, a need to promote the Pilipino in his own land.This then leads us to what is fundamentally wrong with parenting for some folks.I have noticed that not too many parents understand that the difficult work it takes for their children to survive difficult experiences or struggles becomes the foundation of their character.Some people will call this discrimination on the part of the Pilipina; I call it bullshit.Looking back at the history of human equality, countless people have made arduous strides that included sacrificing a lifetime or even their own lives just so people can be seen equally and if judged, be judged not on their physical appearances but on the merit and character of the individual. I was in a Fil Am literature class at Hunter College where a Pilipina proclaimed that she “likes white men better because they tend to look better than Pilipinos.” I was appalled, I stood up and expressed my disappointment.While in Cebu a couple of years ago, I got into a deep and honest dialogue with a beautiful young Pilipina who I noticed was with an unattractive, elderly white man.No, there was no love in the air, it was a business partnership, or at least that’s what she admitted.All of that is simply thrown away when a Pilipina would not even consider dating a Pilipino simply because they restrict themselves to white men. I walked out of class primarily because the rest of the Pilipino men in my class had no quarrel about what was just said.Right before I walked out, the professor exclaimed, “Everyone’s got a right to his or her opinion!


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