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i Pad supports WPA2 Enterprise to provide authenticated access to your enterprise wireless network.

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Okay, so not all of us use Face Time for sleazy video calls, but either way, you’ll be glad to hear that your Face Time calls really are encrypted — just like Apple promised back in July 2010 — as long as you use the right type of connection.

Shortly after the release of Face Time last year, the Cupertino company responded to allegations that Face Time video calls were not encrypted and ensured users that this was not the case.

Just like foreplay, sexting is all about the buildup. The prolonged anticipation will keep both you and your partner wanting more, and the two of you can keep going at it until you’re satisfied (wink wink).

Taking your time sending messages also gives you a time buffer in which you can begin to trust your partner more.

Like we’ve said, sexting is a vulnerable position to be in, and as you draw out the sexual buildup, you can also decipher the limits of just how far you feel comfortable going with the person.

“When I sext someone for the first time, especially if I don’t know them well, I always play it pretty safe at first just because I don’t know if they’re screenshotting everything I say,” says Hunter, a senior at the University of Louisville.In addition to your existing infrastructure each Face Time session is encrypted end to end with unique session keys.Apple creates a unique ID for each Face Time user, ensuring Face Time calls are routed and connected properly. For our millennial generation, sexting is pretty common what with our high definition i Phone cameras and the sheer existence of Tinder. The one time it’s appropriate to use an eggplant emoji.Department Chair of Psychology at Cal Poly and licensed psychologist Jasna Jovanovic studies the socialization of gender, and has found that males tend be just as insecure about sexual response as women are.“Nobody wants to feel bad about their self, but oftentimes males are cast as initiators and take the brunt of sexual criticism.Writing “Ohhhhh” doesn’t really add anything to the conversation, but your partner having to endlessly scroll through your messages about all the dirty things you want to do to them is overwhelming.When sexts are too long, the details get lost and that might even be a turn off.In the case of sexual messaging, it’s easier for a female to be turned off and be vocal about the sexual fantasy the male has initiated as compared to a real life situation where she might be polite because of the in-person circumstance.” Be respectful of their boundaries even if it’s not real sex.As the old saying goes, treat others the way you would like to be treated.


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