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For cells that are manually changed, you can use a worksheet change event to call a macro.Hi I have a sheet "Email MTD Recap" that we email the range "B2: G24". Works perfect in all other mobile and desktop apps. Send End With End With 'select the original Active Cell rng. Hope this helps, Sub Save_Range_As_GIF() Dim My Chart As Chart Dim obj Pict As Object Dim Rg Copy As Range Range("B2: G24"). But for some reason the sheet looses all formating, hidden rows... So my solution for now would be to send the selected range as a picture to be viewed on their phones. Below is what we use already what do i need to change to have it send it as a picture? Select End With 'Activate the sheet that was active before you run the macro AWorksheet. Copy Picture Appearance:=xl Screen, Format:=xl Bitmap Active Sheet. Sheet Id can be either ' a sheet name string or an integer number. Delete ' deletes the third worksheet in the workbook, if it exists. Rows(Lrow 1) Next i Row End Sub Function Sheet Exists(Sheet Id As Variant) As Boolean ' This function checks whether a sheet (can be a worksheet, ' chart sheet, dialog sheet, etc.) exists, and returns ' True if it exists, False otherwise.Empty modules trigger the macro query, as does an actual macro.To see the steps for removing this warning, please watch this short video tutorial. The next time you record a macro, the toolbar should automatically appear.You can then use the second macro (Split_To_Workbook_and_Email) I have used this macro in Office 20 for many years with great success. To add the macro to Excel, follow these steps: Sub Split To Worksheets() Dim Col Head As String Dim Col Head Cell As Range Dim i Col As Integer Dim i Row As Long 'row index on Fan Data sheet Dim Lrow As Integer 'row index on individual destination sheet Dim Dsheet As Worksheet 'destination worksheet Dim Fsheet As Worksheet 'fan data worksheet (assumed active) Again: Col Head = Input Box("Enter Column Heading", "Identify Column", [c1]. Sub Send_Range_Email MTDRecap_with_Mail Envelope() 'Working in Excel 2002-2016 Dim AWorksheet As Worksheet Dim Sendrng As Range Dim rng As Range On Error Go To Stop Macro With Application . Enable Events = False End With 'Fill in the Worksheet/range you want to mail 'Note: if you use one cell it will send the whole worksheet Set Sendrng = Worksheets("EMAIL MTD RECAP"). Paste Special Format:="Bitmap" Set obj Pict = Selection obj Pict. Range("B2: G24") 'Remember the activesheet Set AWorksheet = Active Sheet With Sendrng ' Select the worksheet with the range you want to send . Select 'Remember the Active Cell on that worksheet Set rng = Active Cell 'Select the range you want to mail . Mail Envelope ' Set the optional introduction field thats adds ' some header text to the email body. Introduction = "Hi below is the MTD recap comparing TY vs.


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