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A love triangle between Cappie, Evan and Casey was the catalyst for the rivalry between their respective houses.Though Evan and Cappie attempted an alliance, house loyalties proved too much for Evan to overcome.Cappie and Casey later decide to give their relationship another try.

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Position(s) Held: Pledge Educator (former), Rush Chair (former), Delegate to Pan-Hellenic (retired), Interim President (former), Vice President: Judicial of Panhellenic Council (former), House mother (former)Casey is the female protagonist as well as Rusty’s popular and enterprising older sister.

Introduced as a big-time power player at ZBZ with presidential aspirations, Casey was troubled at the presence of her nerdy brother Rusty.

He however maintains a tentative friendship with his ex-girlfriend Casey and has a strong advocate in Calvin. However, during the fourth season Rebecca and he break up when she feels he is pulling away from her.

With some help from Rusty, he begins to reconcile with his parents.

Cappie rises to become the President of the unruly Kappa Tau.

“Cappie” is actually a nickname and his real name is "Captain John Paul Jones," which was finally revealed during the last five minutes of the series finale.

He strives to please those around him but feels manipulated because of his affluence.

Evan declares his independence and relinquishes his trust fund leaving him struggling to make ends meet.

Though Evan can be benevolent and noble at times, he has shown a much darker side.

This is often towards his old childhood friend Cappie and his brothers at Kappa Tau, who call him "Bing" since freshmen year.


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