Eigrp routes not updating

If the feasible distance of two routes is displayed as the same, EIGRP will load balance between the two routes.Using debugs to troubleshoot EIGRP As with RIP, there are some debugs for EIGRP and then help troubleshoot.

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EIGRP is an advanced distance vector routing protocol that includes features not found in other distance vector routing protocols like RIP and IGRP. DUAL guarantees loop-free and backup paths throughout the routing domain.

Using DUAL, EIGRP stores all available backup routes for destinations so that it can quickly adapt to alternate routes when necessary.

For example, high value in the SRTT, RTO or Q fields would indicate problems in communication.

Using show ip eigrp topology command to verify and troubleshoot EIGRP Since EIGRP stores all routes learned in a topology table, looking at the topology table can give you indications about the functioning of EIGRP as well as the stability of the network.

You can also learn that it is using default metrics (K1 and K3) and the maximum hop count has been configured as 255.

The output also shows that auto summary is disabled and maximum path is set to 6.

An example of the output of this command from Router A of our network is shown below: Router A#show ip protocols Routing Protocol is “eigrp 10” Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is not set Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is not set Default networks flagged in outgoing updates Default networks accepted from incoming updates EIGRP metric weight K1=1, K2=0, K3=1, K4=0, K5=0 EIGRP maximum hopcount 255 EIGRP maximum metric variance 1 Redistributing: eigrp 10 EIGRP NSF-aware route hold timer is 240s Automatic network summarization is not in effect Maximum path: 6 Routing for Networks: Routing Information Sources: Gateway Distance Last Update 90 90 Distance: internal 90 external 170 The show ip protocols commands shows the operational information for EIGRP.

From the above output you can gather that the EIGRP AS is 10 and it is advertising the and networks.

EIGRP includes features of both link-state and distance vector routing protocols.

However, EIGRP is still based on the key distance vector routing protocol principle, in which information about the rest of the network is learned from directly connected neighbors.


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