Early stages in dating

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Once your date starts, your nerves will start to die down and all is well with the world again.If your date went well, you might start to go into obsession mode. You watch your phone like it's a bomb, possibly ready to explode.

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So when it’s been 10 hours and you haven’t gotten a reply to his text, you let it go.

When it’s Thursday night and he hasn’t called to see you on Saturday, you let it go. You never have more leverage over a man than when he’s CHOSEN you of his own accord, when he’s EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in you because he FEELS so happy every time he’s around you.

Remember what it’s like when a guy’s excited about you? ”, you’re not making him feel too good in the present.

He calls, he follows through, he’s thoughtful, he’s chivalrous, he’s gentlemanly, he WANTS a commitment with you. Anything you do to amp up the pressure for him to make a decision is just going to drive him away – the exact OPPOSITE reaction you want from your man. My wife was ALWAYS in the present and that’s why she’s my wife.

going from the beginning to the end, wondering what you’re missing.

You’ve now convinced yourself you’ll never hear from him or her, and you start giving up hope. See, you weren’t crazy and you two did have a good time.It’s an exciting time, but it’s also filled with moments of anxiety, where you are questioning every move. But, for over-thinkers around the world, the first stages of dating can be mentally exhausting.Let’s not be too proud to admit we’ve been this person from time to time — the over-analyzer.Maureen and Cassie could not be more different as people, but they both have the agonizing problem of finding a man who absolutely adores them after less than one month of one-on-one coaching.Immediately, our conversations turn from, “Why are there no good men out there?!It’s not about finding out in week 1 whether he wants to live in the city or the country, or hoping he says “I love you” by week 4. The RIGHT guy steps up to the plate and commits to you in the first couple of months. It’s REALLY easy to tell the difference so you don’t invest more than 8 weeks in a relationship that’s a dead-end. As always, the person with the most power in a relationship is the one who cares the least.But in order to get a relationship off the ground, you HAVE to put off all fears, all nudging, and all thoughts of your future and just ENJOY the present. By caring whether or not someone calls or texts you right away, you’re putting yourself in a weaker position.“Doing something” means you’re trying to keep your emotional tether alive, to nudge him into calling you, seeing you, committing to you.But the great thing about men is this: We don’t need to be nudged!Below, we take a walk into the mind of person who just started dating someone, and all of the emotional stages that come along with it. You’re thinking, “I bet he or she is thinking of me, too, right now.”He/she called to ask you on a first date. I wish I could just take a Xanax before this date, ahh!You know that cartoon character with the hearts coming out of its eyes? You can’t stop thinking about this person, even though you barely know him/her. This is where your butterflies turn into nervousness. Your nerves are on high alert and having a nice glass of wine during dinner has never sounded better.


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